Subex Azure  Placement Paper   General - Other   Berhampur-11 Mar 2008

Subex Azure  Placement Paper   General - Other   Berhampur-11 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, Its Tapash Kumar Sahu.Roland Institute of Technology. Berhampur,Electronics and Tele Communication Engg.
    2005-2009 batch.Now I am sharing my experience with subex.

    Subex consists of 5 round.
    1.Written: (1 hour)
    * 20 objective question on c, c++.
    * 2 programs out which only 1 has to written.

    -Objective questions is quite difficult it requires deep knowledge of C.
    -mainly pointer.
    -Most probably they give String ,File Handling & Linklist programs. 

    2.Technical Interview:(1h 30 min)
    * Question based on C. (pointer, Memory Allocation, String, RAM, Struture, file etc)
    * They gave me program to write ie Double link list program using C. All inserting a node ,deleting a node, traversing of list.

    3.Tchnical Interview:(1hour)
    * Question on C, C++ and various concepts of C++, electronics and various branch subjects.
    * Here also they gave me to write a single program which include all the concepts of OOPs (like polymorphyism, overloading, abstraction, encapsulation, dynamic binding etc)

    4.HR Interview:(30 min)
    * They asked general HR Questions.for this be confident, gentle and effective.

    5.Telephonic Interview:(10 min)
    * For our batch we had a telephonic round for this they have informed me one day before, the time for the telephonic interview.
    * They asked me Questions from 5th form Microprcessor, Advance Electronic Circuit etc
    some question from flip flops and digital circuits.

    it was product based company.4.5 package.3000 stipend for 6 months.I realy feel glade that i was selected for subex World.
    I am really thankful to my parents, friends ,teachers, Collage for their great support.

    All the best for your campus.Thank u

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