STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -15 Nov 2007

STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -15 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    PART- A
    a.9*1 Apti Questions
    b.Virtual memory is greater than physical memory
    c.Cycle stealing is related to DMA?
    d.Conditional operation are stored in flag seg?
    e.Some question on stack of heap
    f.Charging of MOS transistor
    g.Question on current change in mor due to change in Vge.
    h.Time constant of RL network
    i.One more question on RL network
    j.Solve the K-Map
    k.Resistance of MOS transistor when the W/L relation is given
    l.Which of then is memory related op, Buddying, monitor.
    PART - B
    1.Question on counter (divide by 4, 50% DC)
    2.4's Complement of a no.
    3.Max operating frequency of a sequential network (166.66 MHz)
    4.Some que on microprocessor. Block diagram was given
    5.Sampling is done at 210 Hz of a signal containing 50., 100 & 150 Hz signal. Then the signal is passed there a LPF of 10.5 Mz cut off freq. What is the freq. component of the output
    6.There are poles of OP at 10 KHz Find the value of R1 & R2.
    7.Some question on current consolidated current source
    8.A signal contain band limited signal B0, 2B0, 3B0.......... NB0. Each of them is sampled at nygyist rate and quatind to 8 bit. Now what is bit rate?
    9.Find out noise margins of digital circuit V0,V10, V12, V02, I0n, I......... were given
    10.PCM. The no. of bits is microased from 6 to 8. What is the ratio of SNR and bandwidth
    11.V0/V1= jwt+ 10 4*2 / jw+ 10 4     w= 10 4

         V1 = Cor (wt)                Now determine V0.

    Ans were in the form of Cos (wt + something)
                                         Sin (wt + something)
                                         ley (wt + something)

    12. Multivibration using 555
    13. Some question on transmission line.

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