STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 May 2006

STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 May 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    This is amit. I had given ST Paper and reached to 5th round. I don not remember the paper question but i want to give certain details that may help you in your chase.:

    I Phase Written: pattern 
    DBMS(basics) Unix basics, reasoning and basic Quantaitive aptitiude(Minimum Pass percentage 50 %  In our bach
    II Phase : GD
    They tell u about company.But first they may ask you  know some thing about the company(go through Company web site for breif introduction. and be spontenous  but do not give anser in hurry. They will give you a topic.As for as when i give the GD the topic is WHo is responsible for BUG in Software?
    III Phase: Technical Interview
    They will concentrate on DBMS and Unix  and C. Please go through the basics and be well prepare for that.
    Phase IV: First HR :
    they will ask question from all aspects. why u want to join the ST? Name the best company with which u want to work? and many others please be consistent. They are focusing on each word you says
    Phase V  Second HR:
    This will be the most toughest one and person that will take this is most senior one HR. He will ask many questions. they may cross check you (compare with previous HR). I had gone down in this stage. He  forced me to make mistake and i had done that 
    There may be one or two rounds after that. Please be cool and paitent. I think you will go through it

    (Paper Submitted By : Amit Gera)

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