STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 May 2006

STMicroelectronics  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 May 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    ST Microelectronics

    there were two papers
    1. separate for the hardware (electonics people)
    2. and other for the software (comp).

    Software paper

    There were 3 sections the questions in these sections were mixed with 2-3 aptitude question, questions on comp n/w & OS were 7-8, 1-2 on CSO, 1 que on controls, 1 on sampling theorem some on Comp Arch. & digital logic & 7-8 on C.

    section 1 contains 11 questions
    section 2 contains 13 que
    section 3 contains 13 que ( total = 37 que , marks= 50)

    All the 3 sections was compulsary and u've to give a preference among the section 2 & sec 3 so that the weightage for the second one will get doubled. Negative marking was there.

    here are some of the ques which i remember

    1. which conversion is not possible
     a. float to int
     b. int to float
     c. char to float
     d. all are possible
     Ans: d

    2. threads have which thing in common
     a. register set
     b. data section
     c. thread id
     d. ...
     Ans : b

    3. one que like
     int x=5, y;
     y= x*x++ * ++x ;

     // print x and y

    4. A CPU has four group of instruction set A, B, C, D
     CPI of A = 1
     CPI of B=3
     Cpi of c =2
     cpi of d= 4
     the cpu access 20% of A, 30% of b, 30% of C and 20 % of D
     what will be the average CPI.
     Ans: 1*20/100 + 3* 30/100 + 2* 30/100 + 4* 20/100
    ( this que was repeated in section 2 & 3)

    5 . a question on hit ratio n effective memory access time.

    6.  main()
     int a=10,b=5
     while ( --b>=0 && ++a)
     print (a);
     print (b);
     ans: a=16, b=-2

    7. main()
     char i;
     for (i=0; i<=255; i++)
     printf("%c", i);
     Ans: never ending loop

    8. One question on controls systems
     to find the transfer functn
    poles n zeroes were given in a graph
    ans: s(s-2)/(s-3)(s-4)

    9. one question on sampling theorem, if sampling frequency is fs then the signal having same characteistics will be of frequency....(in terns of fs)

    10. one on the signal to noise ratio
     - if the amplitude of the signal is reduced to half & N bits samples r used with M quantiztn level, then the SNR will be reduced by a factor of
     Ans: 6 db

    11. questn on calculating the bit rate to be transmitted across the given capacity channel

    12. calculating the checksum for the bits to be transmitted given the frame- 11000101 and generator is1100.

    13. calculating the no of bits required for the error detection & the error correction for the given codeword set.
    codeword a:
    codeword b:

    14. options were given to choose as which was an example of multitasking.
     a:multiple remote users accessing a server
    b:user working on spreadsheet, downloading some matter from internet
    c:multiple programs resident in memory

    15. CA in CSMA/ CA stands for
     a. collision approval
     b. collision avoidance
     c. critical access

    16. in a triangle, without changing the angle, if we double the sides,then new area will be
    asn. four times

    17. there is a pipe having dia 6mm, then how many pipes having 1mm dia wiill be needed to provide same amount of water.
    ans . 36

    18. in which of the folwng schemes after page replacement the entered page will enter in the same memory location as of the replaced one
     a. direct mapping ( Ans)
     b. n-set associative
     c. associative
     d. none of them
    19. belady anamoly is related to.
    ans. page replacement algos

    20.which one uses cache mechanism
    ans TLB

    21.what will happen in following code..
    critical section

    ans. violation of mutual exclusion RLC ckt was given, fuctioning of ckt to be determined.
    a: will act like FM
    b: PM
    d: none of the above

    int i=0;
    case 1: printf("hi");
    case 0: printf("zero");
    case 2: printf("world");

    ans: zeroworld

    24.which one is the declaration of static string
    a: static string
    b: 'static string'
    c: "static string"
    d:char sting[30]

    25.a que on file handling in c
    a: file cant be opened
    b:msg.txt is copied to msg
    c:only first string be copied

    26. which of the fuction will store a 100 char string in X
    a: fread(x,100,....)
    b. fread(100,x,.......)

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