Spookytechnology And Society

Spookytechnology And Society


May 21, 2008 lecture by Dr. Charles Tahan for the Stanford University Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380). In this lecture, Dr. Charles Tahan gives a non-physics perspective on quantum information science and technology, both via some of his own scientific work, but mostly from the vantage of science and technology studies. He touches on why the new quantum revolution is for real, what "new quantum revolution" actually means, why it's more interesting than nanotechnology, and how we should prepare for it. EE380 | Computer Systems Colloquium: http://www.stanford.edu/class/ee380/ Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory: http://csl.stanford.edu/ Stanford Center for Professional Development: http://scpd.stanford.edu/ Stanford University: http://www.stanford.edu/ Stanford University channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stanford/

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