Sonata  Selection Procedure

Sonata  Selection Procedure

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

     SONATA:  Selection Pattern.

    1st round was aptitude: 50 q in 12 minutes, elimination round. 
    Selected 10 out of around 30 ppl

    2nd Round was 30 q 30 min. ..choice of paper bw C, C++, Oracle..

    And guess what..ALL 30 C Questions were from TEST YOUR C SKILLS!!

    Today (Monday), 18th August I recieved a call at 3:50 to be at their Basavangudi Office at 5:00 for GD..Dashed there/...!!!

    GD was ok with batch of 10
    then there was an english grammar paper...ok..They said ythey'll inform further by tomorrow,. If selected!

    The selection process consisted of:

    1. Apti (50 Q, 12 Mins) -- Easy
    2. C/C++/Java (Your Choice, 30 Q, 30 Marks) - OK with Test ur C 
    Skills for C 
    3. GD (10 ppl for our batch -- ok)
    4. Business English Test -- Grammar, writing formal email. .easy
    5. Final HR interview - 30 ,min for me - with some tech thrown in 
    (mainly ur project / DBMS)

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