Sonata  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Jun 2007

Sonata  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    First round :
    50 questions in 12 minutes, try as many as possible with speed and accuracy    ......they are easy...but  
    some questions may be  time taking.  So make your time to answer good number of questions accurately.
    All are not objective questions, for some questions you have write answers there.
    The paper consists of aptitude questions, synonyms, antonyms, English grammar etc 
    This is the main elimination round. Out of 900 students 96 were selected for next round.

    Second round:
    It was technical and English written exam
    First technical round in C\C++ questions.
    30 questions in 30 minutes
    For this, prepare "TEST UR C SKILLS" by  Yashwanth  Kanethkar.
    Be thorough with C .that is in every concept like pointers, structures, files... 
    Even if u don't know C++, by answering all the questions of C u can get through this
    Next we have English exam testing in prepositions, and  a small  essay about a topic given by them and an email.
     the test duration was 20 minutes.

    while writing email letter, you have to mention
    Dear Mr. XYZ (any name u can)
    They see only the language stuff u have, but not the contents.

    Third round:
    It was a Group Discussion Round
    very easy topics will be given
    Our topic is "should college ban the usage of mobile phones in the campus?"

    Fourth round:
    4,5 rounds will be conducted in the company at  Begumpet, Hyderabad
    This may be technical or HR.
    For me, it is HR.
    They will concentrate mainly on your RESUME.
    So be careful while preparing resume.
    this round is about 45 minutes.
    but very cool......

    Fifth Round:
    This is a technical round.
    Since i am from ECE, they have concentrated on our core subjects (micro processors, EDC, NT etc) and also on C & DS.
    CSE people mainly concentrate on DBMS, Java.

    Finally, i was placed in a good company..... 
    Be confident. Don't hesitate to attend by seeing the rounds. they are very easy.



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