Soliton  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RMK Engineering College-28 Aug 2010

Soliton  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RMK Engineering College-28 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
              This is Parthu from RMK Engineering college ME(VLSI) SOLITON Came to our college to conduct recruitment drive on 28 August 2010.
    I would like to say about selection procedure and few details about written test.

    There are 5 rounds.
    1.Written test
    3.Technical written test
    4.Technical interview

    1) Written Test:
    1st section -10 questions.
    2 nd section- 3 questions.
    Paper has 2 sections: Each section has sectional cutoff. If 1st section qualifies then only they will evaluate the 2nd section
    1section entirely on 12th  physics like velocity ,accelaration related questions
    They given some basic formulas also like v=u+at & v2-u2=2a2t. Mass and weight related problems.
    Based on frequeny related problems...

    2nd section:
    Both sections are not multiple choice type. You have to solve clearly.
    1Q .related to probability( what is probability, when will be the problem -ve like that.)
    2Q. Difine mass and weight, which is large on moon.
    3Q. whats your ambition, your role model.

    After that they conducted GD.
    Then Technical written test, in that they asked about out BE/Btech Subjects like NT, EDC, electrical related subjects. After that they conducted HR & Technical combined round in that they rejected most then final Technical round.
    Finally 3 BE people got selected.
    Total participants around 750.

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