Sobha Renaissance  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bangalore-14 Oct 2006

Sobha Renaissance  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bangalore-14 Oct 2006

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    I have attended Sobha Renaissance Information Technology's test on 14 Oct 2006. The test is for 45 mins. It contains 25 ques. I'l give some ques wotever I remember. Cut off is 15 out of 25.

    Test:- Sobha Renaissance Information Technology
    Date:-14 OCT 2006

    SECTION 1 (Passage-5 ques)
    It contains a passage about mickey mouse.thr r 5 ques based on the passage. it was easy.

    SECTION 2 (Idioms n meanings-5 ques)
     It contains idioms and we hav to select the meaning for the idioms from the given options.
    1.Run the gauntlet
    2.Speak volumes
    3.Pass the buck
    4.Spill the beans
    5.(I cant rem)

    SECTION 3 (Ananlytical-5 ques)
    It contains 3 optins(True,False,Can't say).U hav to select one based on the following passage...

    Q)My father has no brothers.He has 3 sisters and each of them have 2 children each.My grandfather has 2 sons.
    1.My father is the only child.
    2.One of my aunt is a spinster.
    3.i hav 6 cousins on my fathers side.
    4.I hav only one uncle.
    5.My grandfather has one brother.

    SECTION 4 (Verbal-5 ques)
    find simillar combinations of words..  dont rembr options

    4. If 'oranges are red' is represented by BCE, 'oranges are good' is represented by BDC, 'distributing are good' is represented by DCF den wic letter represents red??( similar ques)
    a)B      b)D        c)E        d)C

    5. Five choices were given based on one small passage. choose wat tis passage means.
    Q)For the last five years, wimbledon players are changing to X-ton rackets. They won the game by using these rackets. It gives more power
     and it is the choice for players now. Now everyone is changing to X-ton.
     a) If u r not usin X-ton, u'l loose the game 
     b) it tells us the importance of wimpledon
     c) all r changing to x-ton
     d) shows the use of x-ton
     e) you can play only with x-ton

    SECTION 5 (quantitative)
    1. An apartment contains 70 parking areas with same number of columns in each rows.When it is reconstructed, 2 parking area from each row is removed but they added 4 more rows to mak it the same number of parkin areas. Now ques is to find the number of rows before reconstrtn?
    a)5     b)10     c)7        d)14      e)none of these

    2. A box contains 30 socks of red and blue.60% of socks in bag is blue.Then wot is the probablity of getting atleast 2 blue socks??
    a)2     b)3       c)10       d)       e)none of these

    3. A man bought 10 ltrs of milk at  Rs 4/ltr. He added 6 ltrs of water in it. Then at wot price he'l sell it so that he should get 50% profit? 
    a)2/l   b)4.50/l     c)3.75/l      d)3/l      e)none of these

    4. In a poll, 78% of ppl opted for atleast anyone of option 1 or option 2 or option 3.
    50% of ppl opted for option 1.
    30% of ppl opted for option 2.
    20% of ppl opted for option 3.
    5% opted for all the three.
    Then how much % of ppl dint opt any options?
    a)5%     b)17%        c)22%       d)20%      e)none of these

    5. A man entered a garden, after crossing 3 gates with watchmen in these 3 gates, to pluck some fruits. He returned aftr pluckin. On his way back he gave half of the fruits in his hand to 1st watchman. And the watchman in return give him one fruit. He followed the same process for all gates. And the watchmen in all gates also followed the same procedure. After coming out,he found tat he has the same number of fuits with him that he plucked. So how many fruits did he plucked in total??
    a)1000     b)108       c)500       d)2        e)none of these


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