Simple Math Aptitude Questions

Simple Math Aptitude Questions


This page contains free download of Simple Math Aptitude Questions in pdf format.

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  • Posted by  Aruna B E  From  Tumkur
    12 Jun, 2015

    heartly thanks:-)

  • Posted by  sagubar   From  pkdt
    1 Feb, 2015

    nice thnk u!

  • Posted by  Shashank  From  Giridih
    5 Nov, 2014

    Thank You!

  • Posted by  basudora jayaram  From  srikakulam
    28 Oct, 2014

    thanq for u uploading

  • Posted by  pavi  From  coimbatore
    24 Aug, 2014

    Thank uuuuuu

  • Posted by  dhaya  From  chennai
    15 Aug, 2014

    it is very useful

  • Posted by  santhosh  From  ponneri
    25 Jul, 2014


  • Posted by  rajesh  From  gadwal
    7 Mar, 2014

    i like this

  • Posted by  azad  From  meerut
    6 Mar, 2014


  • Posted by  Harshada  From  Mumbai
    9 Feb, 2014

    Thnx Sir...its very useful

  • Posted by  senthil  From  chennai
    28 Aug, 2013

    thanks, its very useful

  • Posted by  nithya  From  tiruvallur
    24 Jul, 2013

    Gud gud ................... I like this

  • Posted by  Rohit  From  kolkata
    4 Feb, 2013

    love u dude

  • Posted by  Shrravy  From  Mumbai
    9 Dec, 2012

    The whole series of aptitude questions and answer is best collection for any one. I will definitely recommend my friends and juniors or anyone who can benefited from this site.

  • Posted by  purushothaman  From  chennai
    22 Aug, 2012

    thankyou for this ques...pls download

  • Posted by  Jalal  From  Tindivanam (Tamilnadu)
    7 Aug, 2012

    Really Very Useful. I am a lecturer and i am conducting weekly exams to my students with this questions and answers. Hats off to this site

  • Posted by  vijaya  From  chennai
    23 Jul, 2012

    pls download

  • Posted by  izhar  From  mumbai
    9 Apr, 2012

    i have to give the bank exam

  • Posted by  sriramanjaneyulu  From  narsapuram
    1 Mar, 2012

    This is very usefull to all students thank you sir ........ plz use this.............

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