Sierra Atlantic  Placement Paper   General - Other   -23 Sep 2008

Sierra Atlantic  Placement Paper   General - Other   -23 Sep 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi I am ---------from ?... I attended the test conducted by SIERRA ATLANTIC in 23rd SEP 2008. 69 were attended to the written test, from those 49 were short listed for the GD. After the GD they shortlisted 17, from those 17 candidates 3 were selected.

    The interview process was going on like this?..

    The Selection Process is of 3 types:

    1. Written Test.              
     i) Aptitude 50 Qs.              
    ii) Verbal 50 Qs.               
    iii) Technical 50 Qs.

    2. G.D.

    3. Technical and HR.  

    At first they started with brief description about the Company and then stared their process.
    1.       In the aptitude they covered all the topics like Probability, profit and loss, averages, ages??After the written test the next test is verbal. In this they covered the types like Synonyms, jumbled sentences, one word substitution, and correction of sentences. After the Verbal we have to go for the Technical test consisting of JAVA, C, and C++. 
    2.       In the GD they have given the topics like
    1. Child marriages are good are not.
    2.  Women in the society.
    3. in the third round only HR. No technical nothing. 

    I had gone through the written test and I went to the GD. But unfortunately I did not selected in the GD.

    Ok ?..Bye ?Friends ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE.


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