Sierra Atlantic  Company Profile

Sierra Atlantic  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Sierra Atlantic Company Profile

    Corporate View:

    Sierra Atlantic is the leader in off shoring enterprise applications and outsourced product development. With expertise derived from deep R&D relationships with enterprise software leaders such as Oracle and Microsoft, Sierra Atlantic provide Product Engineering and IT services including Implementation, Integration, Development, Upgrade, Testing and Support.


    Sierra Atlantic is headquartered in Fremont , California and maintains operations in 16 countries across North America , Europe Middle East and Asia Pacific. 


    Oracle Platinum Partner with Superior Delivery Excellence in Oracle New Economy Application Suites 


    Industry recognitions:


    * 75 Most Admired Company in the Bay Area 

    * 25 ?Great Places to Work? ? India  

    * Top 10 IT Services Company South China  

    * The Best Software Outsourcing Service Company in China 2009 

    * Silicon India 100 Companies & Top 10 US based SI 


    Founded:          1993


    Headquarters:   Fremont , California , USA


    Key people:       Raju Reddy

                           (Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)


    Work Culture:


    Creativity, Innovation, and the ability to take informed risks abound in Sierra Atlantic.

    ·         Creativity helps them find newer ways and means of achieving their goals.

    ·         As a policy, they encourage Innovation and their employees think out-of-the-box to build innovative solutions that lead to maximum customer satisfaction.

    ·         The culture that they have nurtured in their organization provides excellent motivation to every individual to put in his best performance in an enthusiastic and charged up environment that sans any fear of failure and encourages all our employees to take informed risks.

    The other elements they stress on are result-orientation and transparency. As a principle, they make sure that Sierra Atlantic gets tangible results quarter after quarter, and use them as yardsticks to measure their growth rate.

    Sierra Atlantic also has a policy of job rotation, by which employees get an opportunity to work on different functionalities. This gives them a hands-on experience, while adding on to their technical knowledge and turning them into multi-tasking professionals.

    They at Sierra Atlantic continuously strive for achieving excellence by focusing beyond technology and practicing innovative methods of management, strategies and nurturing human resources.

    Company Speaks:


    Entry level Recruitment:


    As an organization with a global outlook, they have offices located in 18 countries across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. While their headquarters is in Fremont , California , their Global Development Centers are located in Hyderabad , India and Guangzhou , China . They have three development facilities in Hyderabad , each equipped with top-notch infrastructure.

    Sierra Atlantic lists as one of the Top 25 Great Places to work in the Great Places to Work Study conducted by the Grow Talent group; more flexible and faster avenues of growth being the determining factor for their listing within the top 25.


    How to Apply:


    You can apply for Sierra Atlantic job.


    About the Recruitment test:


    The recruitment test consists of 3 rounds.


    1)     Written test

    2)     Group Discussion

    3)     Technical & HR round


    How to prepare:


    Read more on Sierra Atlantic preparation.


    For more information, please visit official website.


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