SIEMENS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Cummins College Of Engineering-18 Jul 2007

SIEMENS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Cummins College Of Engineering-18 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,............... 

    Criteria  : 55% or above , no live ATKT

    Total students Appeared  : 30

    Selected After Aptitude     :11

    Selected Finally                  : 4

     The selection procedure was as follows :

    1. Aptitude Test
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR Interview

     1. Aptitude Test  :

    It had 2 sections ? Total marks- 45. Time ? 50 mins

                a. Java --- 20 questions (.1 mark each) Cut off - 8

                b. Quantitative Aptitude --- 25 questions (1 mark each) cut off -13

    There was ?ve marking of -0.25 for each wrong answer.

     Java Questions were tricky. They stressed on inheritance ,Garbage collection ,C++ questions were also there?.we had to find out the output of the programs given.

     Quantitative was easy?..questions were good n difficulty level was moderate. I referred Abhijeet Guha book for Aptitude and R.S.Agarwal also. You have to be fast in this section so that u can give more time to Java.

     2.Technical Round :

    After the Aptitude Test?.only 11 students were selected for this round. I was one of them. They asked me the following questions?.

     Q : Tel us something abt ur family background.

             A : I told?..

     Q : What is ur fav subject ?

             A : Software Engineering and OS

     Q: What is SDLC ?

             A: I told in detail all the phases.

     Q: What is the configuration of ur PC ?

             A : 40GB Hard-disk ,512 MB RAM?.and so on.

     Q: If u have a 1 GB file?.how will it accommodate in 512 MB RAM ?

             A : Paging concept will come into picture. Then I explained him the paging concept.

     Q: What is the difference in C++ and Java ?

             A: I told all major differences.

     Q: What is the difference between pass by value and pass by reference ? Which is better n why ?

              A : I answered?..Pass by reference n value first n said pass by reference is better coz we save memory here as only the references have to b changed n final result is reflected at the original place of storage itself.

     Q : U have any plans for higher studies ?

              A : No sir??I want to work.

     Q: What r ur strengths and weaknesses ?

              A : I told??

     Q: Do u have any problems in working in shifts ?

               A : No problems sir.

     Q: What is ur preffered Job location ?

               A : Pune is my first choice??anywhere in India and I am ready to go abroad on a company project.

     That was all. The Panel was friendly. My suggestion would be that be cool n composed while answering??be confident n dress smartly.

    There were no eliminations after this round. All 11 students gave HR round also.

     3.HR Round :

     Here I was asked ?..

    1.What r ur hobbies ?

    2.What do u know aboutt Siemens ?

    3.What do u know aboutt SAP ?

    4.What is ur fav subject ? I had to explain SDLC again.

    5.How was ur day ?

     6.Are u a hostellite ?

              Ans--I said Yes.

     7.What was the most memorable moment in the hostel?

              Ans--I told that?

     I was then asked to leave. After this I was called in the room again and was told that I am selected. I was really happy. After appearing for 9 companies n giving 4 interviews I was finally selected.

    Freshersworld helped me a lot?..n I hope that this contribution of mine will help u get into SISL . All the best.

    See u there.


    Jyotsana Kapoor

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