Seniors Dancing Their Way To Better Mobility And Quality Of Life

Seniors Dancing Their Way To Better Mobility And Quality Of Life


Can dancing the Tango actually improve mobility, balance and overall wellness in senior patients suffering from limited or declining eye sight? A study, being led by Atlanta Veterans Affairs researcher Madeleine Hackney, PhD, who also happens to have extensive professional experience in ballroom dance, jazz, theater dance, and ballet, seeks to determine if seniors involved in group-based partner tango dance can improve in functional mobility, balance, and quality of life. Effects of the dance classes, which are being held at Wesley Woods Towers of the Wesley Woods Health Center of Emory University, are being evaluated in each participant, to assess if there are benefits such as improved mobility, balance, endurance and quality of life. Upon completion of the dance program, specific tests that measure these aspects of physical and emotional well being will again be administered and may serve as quantitative evidence of the intervention's efficacy, according to Hackney. Sign-Up Information Those interested in participated can call Madeleine Hackney at 404-321-6111, ext. 5006. Participants must be adults over 50 with low vision. They are additional screening criteria and pre-testing is required. Related Links "Seniors Dance to Better Mobility and Quality of Life in Wesley Woods and VA Tango Study" (news release) Wesley Woods Center Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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