SemanticSpace  Selection Procedure

SemanticSpace  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi Friends

    This is Gandhi ,i attended the SemanticSpace requirtmentprocess conducted in siddipet on dec 5.and finally i got selected .
    The selection process contains WRITTEN TEST followed by GD followed by Techincal Interviews.
    Is an online test and The Test containes three sections
    2.English Test
    3.Techincal Test
    1. Apptitude:
     This section containes 25 questions.The problems are very basicproblems but they take time to be fast and Correct at the time of test.The Test mostly containes problems on percentages and profit& loss and some simplification problems.
    Preparing  R.s Agrwal is enough to do best.and the time given to the apptitude is 30min.
    2. English Test:
    The English test contains Correction of sentences,and they give parts of sentences in different order we have to arrange them in correct order.It is very easyTest and containes 20 Questions time given is 10 mins.
    3. Techinical Test:
    The Techincal Test mainly containe C questions and dbms questions and are very containe 25 Questions,time given is 25 mins.
    on dec 5th They conduct exam on Batch wise on our Batech tehy conduct test for 150 students,and 35 out of them are gotselectd for the furthur rounds.

    The next round is, GroupDiscussion is a fomal round they used to select 8 students out of every 10 students for the interviews.They mainly see wether the person Express his views are not. and My GD topic is "Dusters and Chacks" some of them have to support Dusters are best and others have to support chacks are best.

    The next rounds are Techincal interviews And these are main elimination rounds in semanticspace.and they conduct TWO techincal interviews followed by Two Technical com HR rounds to select a person. so be prepare oops concepts (Polymorphisam,inheritence,other concepts), DBMS Concepts(Normalization,Joins,ExampleQuaries,Procedures and Functions), c(Strustures,Unions,etc), Ds(Linkedlists,Graphs,trees) s/w engineering(sdlc,Testing Methdologies,Processing Modeles)

    And Friends Don,t afraid that it containe too many rounds the rounds are very easy and our Knoweledge is enough to got through the Rounds.Be Confident and preparewell.

    All The Best,

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