SemanticSpace  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-28 Oct 2006

SemanticSpace  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-28 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello everyone..
        i like to share my experience with u all.. n i hope it will help u ppl ..i attended semantic space technologies test on 28th oct 2006..i cleared test(test will b based on aptitude,C,English)...n the next stage will b GD(but this round is eliminate 4 us)..instead of this round... i was asked to attend interview on 8th nov..there were two rounds of interviews both r technical...they mainly ask on computer subjects from ur curriculum...for NonIT ppl they will stress on C,OOPS,DS.

                ppl from cse or IT background they will even stress on dbms n java. so after these two rounds of technical interviews..there is another interview with vice president even he asked questions from same subjects. then finally interview with director as he is from electronics background he will ask some electronic questions to da ppl who r from electronics background.ppl from other branches r safe no need 2 worry abt this stage but ppl with electronics background b prepared with ur ece subjects iam from electronics background.he ask me some questions which iam listing below..

    1) wat is the use of OPAMP?
    2) wat r fan-in and fan-out?
    3) wt is resonance n wt is da condition in R-L-C ckt to be resonant?
    4) wt is a hole?
    5) some problem in networks to find effective resistance.
    so on da whole..for me there where...5 rounds..
    1) written test
    2) 2 rounds of tech interviews
    3) vice president interview
    3) director interview
         there r many stages ..since it is an offcampus selection wt i attended..but ppl with oncampus selection process..some of stages may b eliminated..4 them GD may b included...
         so finally iam done wid all da a result i got placed in semantic space technologies..ok all da best 2 u u in Semantic Space technologies...


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