SBI  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -31 Dec 1899

SBI  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -31 Dec 1899

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    Test paper VI

    General Awareness - II

    1. 'RBI responds to inflation threat' was the headline in leading newspaper recently. What steps RBI has taken in its Mid Term review of the Credit Policy announced in Oct. 2004?
    I. Repo rate is increased    II. Bank rate has changed     III. Minimum period for fixed deposits lowered down
    A. Only I and II         B. Only II and III      C. Only I       D. Only II      E. None of these

    2. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd is likely to be merged with which of the following Companies? (As per news paper report)
    A. Mahanagar  Telephone Nigam Ltd     B. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd      C. Reliance  Info Tech Ltd
    D. Tata Indicom      E. None of these

    3. For appointment of Directors in which one of the following types of organisations the RBI has issued guidelines known as " Fit and Proper Criteria?
    A. PSUs in oil sector      B. Nationalised banks only     C. Government departments    
    D. SBI and its associates     E. Private Sector Banks

    4. The Reserve Bank of India has recently raised the risk weight on housing loans from 50 per cent and on Consumer Credit from 100 per cent to 125 per cent. How much more money will the banks need to implement this decision of RBI? (Approximately)
    A. Rs. 1000 crore    B. Rs.1500 crore     C. Rs.2000 crore     D. Rs. 2500 crore       E. Rs. 3000 crore'

    5. The reports about the performance of crore sector infrastructural units for the first half (April  2004-Sept.2004) were published recently. The performance was
    A. not good        B. good      C. same as it was last year      D. little better than the projections     E. None of these

    6. The European Union sometime back had imposed sanctions on the USA in a dispute over US Corporate Tax subsidies, What is the present positions of the same?
    A. The sanctions will continue further for a period of two year starting from Oct. 2004
    B. The sanctions are now lifted as US has agreed to reduce the subsidy
    C. European Union has decided to give a temporary relief to US as the sanction will now be applicable only from Jan. 2006
    D. European Union has decided to make it more strict with financial penalty
    E. None of these

    7. The World Bank published its development report for 2005 in Sept. 2004. Which of the following statements is/ are true about India's status in the regard?
    I. India is the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. 
    II. Indian banks are lagging behind in the field of technology and efficiency. 
    III. Non-Performing Assets  (NPAs) are increasing day by day and needs to be dealt more effectively
    A. Only I         B. Only II        C. Only I and II         D. Only I and III       E. All of these

    8. Who amongst the following is one of the Nobel Prize winners for Physics in 2004?
    A. Irwin Rose         B. David J. Gross        C. Linda B. Buck        D. Avram Hershko         E. None of these

    9. Which of the following schemes was merged with Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana?
    A. Annapurna Yojana      B. Ganga Kalyan Yojana    C. Midday Meal Scheme    D. Urban Basic Service for Poor
    E. None of these

    10. The National Housing Bank (NHB) is planning to revise its norms for considering Non Performing Assets (NAPs) in housing sector. What will be the new norms in terms of days for the scheme?
    A. 180 days        B. 160 days      C. 120 days      D. 90 days      E. None of these

    11. Which of the following is the permanent venue for the international film festival of India?
    A. Poona         B. Panaji       C. Mumbai      D. Bangalore      E. Kochi

    12. As per the reports in the newspapers the public debt is expected to increase to a record high as Rs. 13, 45, 000 crore (approximately) in 2004-2005. What will be its percentage as compared to Gross Domestic Product (approximately)?
    A. 34 per cent     B. 40 per cent     C. 43 per cent      D. 49 per cent     E. 53 per cent

    13. On whose recommendations, the Government has banned use of the popular painkiller Roficoxib?
    A. WHO      B. Ministry of Health, Government of India    C. National Pharma Co Vigilance Advisory Committee
    D. AIIMS     E. UNESCO

    14. The Prime Minister of India recently promised that if necessary he will try to replace a most controversial act by a new more humane law. He was referring to which of the following legislations?
    A. Armed Forces (Special Powers), Act 
    B. Prevention of  Terrorism Act (POTA) 
    C. Securitisation Act    
    D. Foreign Exchange Management Act     E. None of these

    15. A rare astronomical phenomenon took place on June 8, 2004 after a gap of 122 years. The event was
    A. total Sun eclipse    B. transaction of Venus across the Sun     C. Venus and Mercury came in a straight line and very close to each other
    D. Earth came in a straight line with Sun and Moon       E. None of these

    16. The 2010 Football World Cup will be organised in
    A. India    B. China       C. Brazil      D. Italy     E. South Africa

    17. The International Federation for which of the following games completed 100 years of its existence in May 2004?
    A. Cricket        B. Badminton       C. Tennis         D. Football            E. None of these

    18. The much discussed VAT system is likely to be implemented from next financial year. How much compensation will centre make to all the states aganist their losses during first year in terms of the compensation package it has agreed?
    A. 25 per cent       B. 33 per cent      C. 50 per cent        D. 75 per cent       E. 100 per cent

    19. What is the minimum period for which retail domestic term deposits can be accepted?
    A. 7 days        B. 14 days       C. 15 days      D. One month      E. Three months]

    20. Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia who was crowned as the Miss World recently is a citizen of 
    A. Britain          B. France      C. Italy        D. Peru        E. USA

    21. Who amongst the following is an elected member of the Parliament from Uttar Pradesh?
    A. Mukesh Ambai            B. Gautam Singhania       C. Kumar Mangalam Birla      D. Ratan Tata     E. None of these'

    22. Which of the following committees/ agencies has recommended that new agency is required to be set up for management of internal debt in the country?
    A. Vijay Kelkar Committee         B. Planning Commission of India       C. Parliamentary  Committee affiliated to Ministry of Finance
    D. Comptroller and Auditor General of India     E. None of these

    23. The entourage of Vlaimir Putin which took off from Delhi for Bangalore recently was to make an emergency landing at which of the following airports recently?
    A. Hyderabad         B. Pune      C. Nagpur      D. Mumbai         E. None of these

    24. Which one of the following has set up Investments Panel for marketing of products abroad?
    A. Committee on Economic Affairs, Government of India   
    B. Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
    C. Ministry of Foreign Trade, Government of India
    D. Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India
    E. None of these

    25. The RBI has decided to relax the prudential norms for urban cooperative banks. Loans up to Rs. 1 lakh or gold loans only if the payment is not made within how many days?
    A. 90 days        B. 120 days      C. 180 days     D. 210 days      E. 360 days

    26. Expand the term SACP
    A. Special Agriculture Credit Project  
    B. Special Agriculture Credit Plan
    C. Special Agriculture Credit Policy
    D. Specific Agriculture Credit Plan 
    E. Special Area Credit Plan

    27. Which of the following scheme of the Government of India was aimed to provide insurance security to people living below poverty line?
    A. Bhagyashree Bal Kalyan Yojana        B. Janashree Bima Yojana     C. Ashraya Bima Yojana
    D. Group Life Insurance Scheme in Rural Areas      E. None of these

    28. Who amongst the following is the fastest to score 10,000 runs in test cricket?
    A. Sachin Tendulkar      B. Allan Border      C. Sunil Gavaskar      D. Brian Lara      E. None of these

    29. Tata Motors is planning to launch their passenger cars in which of the following countries?
    A. Bangladesh          B. China        C. Japan        D. Britain       E. None of these

    30. Who amongst the following is adjudged as most Admired CEO of a company according to INS Mode Opinion Poll?
    A. Mukesh Ambani            B. Kumar Mangalam Birla         C. Gautam Singhania        D. Yash Birla     E. Anil Ambani

    31. Confession of a Lover is a book written by
    A. Khushwant singh             B. Anita Desai        C. Mulk Raj Anand      D. V. S. Naipaul     E. None of these

    32. Which of the following countries has accepted a deal offered by Britain, France and Germany that would curb it's plan ti build nuclear devices that could be used for the military purposes?
    A. Libya         B. Pakistan       C. India       D. Syria      E. Iran

    33. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the Gandhi Peace Prize given away recently?
    A. Ketumile Masire           B. Kofi Annan        C. Yasser Arafat        D. Medha Patkar           E. None of these

    34. With which one of the following country, India has entered into Energy Security Pact?
    A. France          B. USA      C. UK      D. Singapore       E. Russia

    35. 'World Post office Day' is celebrated on which of the following days?
    A. Sept. 9      B. Nov. 9        C. Oct.  4       D. Sept. 19       E. Nov. 19

    36. What is the export target India has set during this fiscal year?
    A. 9 per cent        B. 11 per cent      C. 13 per cent     D. 16 per cent     E. 20 per cent

    37. As per the reports published in the newspapers in CMIE estimates that the growth of Indian Economy would be around
    A. 5 per cent        B. 5.5 per cent       C. 6.3 per  cent     D. 7.3 per cent     E. 8 per cent

    38. The messenger space craft launched by the NASA was launched to study which of the following planets?
    A. Mars       B. Venus      C. Saturn     D. Jupiter     E. Mercury

    39. The Finance Ministry, Government of India has recently cleared the setting up of a special fund for collecting the proceeds of the 2 per cent education cess. The amount of the cess is likely to be to the tune of approximately  how much in next five year's time?
    A. Rs. 15,000 crore        B. Rs. 20,000 crore     C. Rs. 25,000 crore     D. Rs. 28,000 crore    Rs. 33,000 crore

    40. Which of the following is Indian Naval Hospital Ship which is connected by air, sea and land?
    A. Vasant       B. Arjun          C. Tusahar             D. Asvini       E. None of these

    41. According to the Trade Related Intellectual Properly Rights  (TRIPS) Agreement, India has to 
    A. move from the process patent to product patent
    B. move from the product patent to process patent
    C. to maintain process patent
    D. to maintain product patent
    E. None of these

    42. In a recent development to diffuse crisis in Lebanon the UN Security Council has urged which of the following countries to withdraw troops from Lebanon?
    A. Syria         B. Iran        C. Saudi Arabia      D. Egypt     E. None of these

    43. Which one of the following countries has recently got its first woman minister?
    A. Saudi Arabia          B. Kuwait          C. UAE            D. Quatar            E. Jordhan 

    44. From which one of the following dates VAT will be implemented?
    A. Jan. 31, 2005      B. Jan. 1, 2005      C. March 31, 2005     D. April 1, 2005     E. None of these

    45. Which one of the following is poised to become the country's biggest investor abroad, clinching a deal to develop Iran's gas bowl in the South parts at a cost of $ 3 billion in phases?
    A. ONGC        B. RIL     C. ONGC Videsh     D. IOC     E. HPCL

    46. Under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, what per cent cost is to be borne by states?
    A. 10               B. 20           C. 25          D. 50           E. 75

    47. Shri Sushilkumar Shinde has been sworn-in as Governor of which of the following States?
    A. Andhra Pradesh          B. Maharashtra             C. West Bengal       D. Bihar         E. Rajasthan

    48. In which of the following countries some 40,000 Indians protested over the security policies of the President of that country as they want to remain neutral in the fight between that country and guerillas?
    A. Bolivia          B. Brazil                C. Nepal             D. Argentina            E. Colombia

    49. For which one of the following reasons Sethu Samudram Project has been in news?
    A. It is a  project to link the Palk Strait with the Gulf of Mannar
    B. It is  a project to link the Palk Strait with Cape Comorin
    C. It is a project to develop Chennai port
    D. It is a project to develop Tuti Corin Port
    E. None of these

    50. In which one of the following rivers is 'Bhavani Island' located?
    A. Godavari  Rriver       B. Krishna River      C. Mandvi River      D. Ganges River       E. Brahmaputra River

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