SBI  Placement Paper      -07 May 2010

SBI  Placement Paper      -07 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi fnds,

    I have attended the SBI interview for clerical on 8th May 2010.
    My panel consists of 3 members(2 sirs and 1 Madam).
    All are very cooperative
    my interview took around 6-7 min as described below. .

    Most of my interview is in my mother tongue(telugu) only...

    Int 1 : what kishore?
    me : nothing.
    Int 1 : You did M.C.A at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Tell me about Nagarjuna
    me : I gave the broad description about Achary Nagarjuna as Budhism Preacher
    Int 1 : How many religions are there in our civilization?
    me :  I don't know, but panel members are very cooperative, asked me again 

    I said abt Hindu,Muslim,Christianity,Jains,Sikhs,Buddism

    Int 1 : Can u tell me something about Tibet?
    me : It is located in highest position, Tibetians are Budhians, They knew abt their past generations as I came to know through media.
    Int1:  There is one girl in our state,said the same thing about their past generation, Can u tell her name?
    me :  I don't know her name, But I said that she belonged to kurnool district.
    Int 2 : They are asking about my hobbies. Which kind of books u read?
    me :  Technically oriented articles related to computers, as of now I have the interest towards banking, I read some banking articles to know about basic terminology like(slr,crr,rr,rrr etc)
    Int 2 : Can u tell me about 3g technology?
    me :  As of now we communicate only audio through phones, with the help of 3g we can see the videos also.
    Int2 : who are the 3g providers in our country?
    me :  3g bid has some issues in bidding, so far no one is provided at present,

    Int2: She insisted the same question, and give me some time?

    me: I said BSNL starts services in our country

    Madam satisfied with my approach. Gave positive response.
    Int3: As u are from computer science, how u will helpful to the bank?
    me :  Now everything in banking is computerised, I can understand the banking process very well when compared to the other streams of people. Now I feel that I'm edge to the banking technolgoy.
    Int 3 :  who is CM of JK ?
    me : omar abdullah
    Int 3 : what is his father's name?
    me : Farukh Abdullah
    Int 3 : Jammu Kashmir has two capitals, one is srinagar, what is other one ?
    me : I said I don't know, I know only Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.
     Int 3 :  Good.
    Int1 :  Thank you
    me :  I said thank you to all the interviewers.
    That's it.
    I think i done welll...
    They are looking at our general awareness and confidence levels.
    Written test marks plays a vital role for final selection in addition to interview marks...

    Gud luck for the sbi aspirants.

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