SBI  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Hyderabad-09 May 2010

SBI  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Hyderabad-09 May 2010

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    i attended the SBI interview for clerical on 10th May 2010.
    My panel consists of 3 members(2 madams and 1 sir).
    all of them very cool.
    my interview took around 10-12 min as described below. .

    Int 1 : Tell me about urself ?
    me : blab blab la....
    Int 1 : You have such good percentages (through out 70+) and ur an MCA. Y are u coming to banking...?
    me : Gave  answer about the importance of banking... and why i like it ... and how my MCA is an added advantage for the banking job.
    i think madam satisfied with my  answer....
    Int 2 : Tell me ur strengths and weaknesses ?
    me : Explained well and also said how i overcome my weaknesses.
    Int 2 : Can u  say something about SBI ?
    me : Started from bank of calcuta to Imperial bank and to SBI...
            Its associate banks. and merging of sourastra and recently Indore (to be merged)..
            Answered it well .
    Int2 : what is symbol of SBI? what it represents.?
    me : Its circle shaped Key Hole saying "WelCome To SBI"
    Int 2 : What are its slogans ?
    me :  1) Banker to every Indian.
            2) Pure banking.. Nothing else.
            3) With you all the way..
    Int 2 : How do you do bank transactions with out going to a bank ?
    me : 2 ways.
           1) Internet Banking
          2) Mobile Banking
    Int2 : what are the functionalities of Internet Banking ?
    me :  I explained about

    •          Fund Transfer.
    •          Third Party Transfer.
    •          E Bill payments

     Madam satisfied with my approach. Gave positive response.
    Int2 : ok.. its for funds transfer ? How would u withdraw money with out going to a bank ?
    me : Using ATM..
    Int 3 : So as ur belongs to west godavari district... tell me 3 plus and 3 minus points about ur district ?
    me : explained plus points well as i have prepared.. Coming to minus points i managed spontaniously .
    Int 3 : How many states are there in our country ?
    me : 28 sir...
    Int 3 : Which Five year plan is running now ?
    me : 11th sir...
     Int 3 :  Good... wen wil be it ended ?
    me : 2014 sir...
    Int3 : No ... its by 2012.
    me : ok sir...
    All the interviewers said thank u ... u may go now...
    Thats all it went...
    I think i done welll...
    Friends basically they are looking our attitude and confidence levels rather than our answers, ..
    So be confident and honest.
    One more important thing i  came to know is written test marks play a major role on final selection.

    Thank u?

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