Sasken  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-14 Jun 2007

Sasken  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-14 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1) 60 questoins on C
    Mainly qustions on Poniters in C - yashwant kanetkar C questions based on commnad line arguments data structure ( BST, tree traversals)
    2) Logical Reasoning - R. S. Agrawal LR is sufficient
    test comprises of 2 sections, technical ( C ) and logical reasoning.. technical is for 60 mins, 60 questions...
    logical reasoning is for 30 mins,17 questions.... ..all the questions were like " what is the output of the following program segment" and  in many questions 3rd and 4th choices were (c)compilation error and (d)compilation warning,
    runtime error.... in reasoning, all the 17 questions were paragraphs(arguement) of 5 to 6 sentences...
    five sentences(choices) will be given below and questions were asked like " which of the five if true will weaken or supports the argument above .." think u got an idea after this.. .but they clearly mentioned after the test that they will be selecting 7 or 8 people  out of 124 attended for the test on that day.......


    Sasken Test

    1)C test

    1)const char *p='c';
    which not allowed 1)p++ 2)*p++ 3) (*p)++4)all

    2)#define putchar(c) printf("%c",c);

    int c=69;

    3) printf("%d",printf("ABC//"));

    4) int func(int r)
    int static result;
    if(r<=0) result=1;
    return result;

    5) int i=3;
    int i=100;

    6) file a.c

    void test()
    int i=20;

    file b.c

    void main()
    int i=10;

    o/p is----


    Deadlock, graph(2), error detection in which layer of OSI,find no: of packets


    There were around 85 Info-science, 30 Telecomm.. and 5 computer sc freshers.
    After the test HR announced that the result will be in 3 days i.e by Wednesday. Only those
    candidates who r shortlisted will be intimated by mail. Rest must assume that they r not
    shortlisted. If shortlisted they will have to come for a TECHNICAL INTERVIEW followed by a HR
    There may be further recruitment in SASKEN. I am not sure. Dont send ur CV's by mails. Just go
    to Sasken Campus and drop in ur resumes.

    Sasken Communications Technologies Limited.
    # 139/25 Amar Jyoti Layout, Ring Road,
    Domlur PO
    Banglore 560 071

    The questions were like this.
    Sasken New Pattern
    Held on 9th August at 2:30 pm The text consists of two parts
    1) C test
    2) CSE01 Test
    Duration: 1hr
    1) C test -10 questions- Some questions were as follows I remember only a few.
    a) What is the parameter passing mechanism to Macros Called?
    b) void func(int x,int y)
    int i;
    If the output must be 2 what is the parameter passing mechanism called?
    c) which of the following code will swap the two numbers? -3 choices was given
    d) which of the following is illegal for the program?
    char const *p='p';
    1)p++ 2) *p++ 3)(*p)++ 4) all
    e) what is the output of the following program
    void print(int ** arr)
    print("0 %f, 1 %f, 2 %f ",arr[0][0],arr[0][1],arr[0][2]);
    int a[][]={ {1,2,3},
    int ** arr=a;
    f) which of the following code swapps the two,numbers.
    - 4 choices were given
    g) if the string " this is a " is present in the code of a function such as 'void func(void)' where
    will the variable stored in the memory.
    a) in the stack b) heap c) code or text segment as per implementation d) created when
    func is called, stored in function stack space and destroyed as it goes out .

    2) CSE01-15 questions
    In this section there was question from LD-gates, JK flip flop, sampling rate and few other then there was a few from OS - i dont remember the questions.

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