Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -7 Jun 2008

Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -7 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello guys, sasken visited our campus and 12 were selected..1st round:written test..65 questions..verbal and non-verbal R.S.Agarwal more than enough.. questions were:

    1.statement and conclusion
    2.statement and assumption
    3.statement and argument (I hope u understood..i.e.R.S.Agarwal logic reasoning)
    4.2 passages were given..very easy ..but time consuming..5 questions from each passage..
    5.coding and decoding..very is coded is RAJEEV then NAVEEN is ......)simple questions..
    6.25 c questions..(1 type)what will be output of follwing program?? type understandng pointers in C by Kanetkar..first and second chapter..more than enough..and test ur c-skills pointers and arrays chapter more than enough..out of 25 questions if u do minimum of 10 more than enough..and (2 type)algorithms as options were given find correct algorithm..some of them were       
    (A)finding sum of 3 digit numbers among following algorithm..u've to chose the right algorithm       
    (B)remainder of factorial number.........................................................       
    (c)output should like            
    2 4  
    3 6 9           
      4 8 10 12            
    5 10 15 20 25          

    find the right algorithm among the options which does this..

    NO MATHEMATICAL APTITUDE time is 1 hour..

    C performance is a must..u've to get minimum of 10 out of 25..

    2nd round:technical..questions mostly on MICROPROCESSOR like in 8086 what does RESET button do?? differnent registers?? thats all..

    Computer networks:OSI model..different layer's PROTOCOLS..

    DATA STRUCTURES:implement stack and queue using linked lists..

    OPERATING SYSTEM:memory management and paging..

    just say no if u dont know..they wont reject u..all most all who cleared 1st round got selected in our college..only one was rejected..

    3rd round HR:just a formality..


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