Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vidyaniketan -14 Jun 2007

Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vidyaniketan -14 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    fristly to tell u there were different versions abt 4 were there &test will be diffrent for the cse&it branches the one i am posting is for eee,ece,eiec in short for all electrical students

    well guys out here i have attended sasken just few days back its a good company will take students only if they have talent. all that u have to do is be through in 'C' language

    there r 4 sections totally the first one is english in it we had 2 compresions followed by ouestions which were very easy then we have to even find the correct sentence from the following set of questions then find the incorrect sentence from the following set of questions this sections was for 15marks &time alloted for it was 15 minutes. its not an online paper u have to time urself .

    next sections was on apptitude which was for 30 minutes i don't remember it had around 30 questions but the questions ,were on trains, boats & streams & some of the questions were like they give us two figures &ask us to pick one of the four options for how will the figure be if they were over lapped they were very easy one was on age few were on data interpretation  some were on age some on if this cost this much then how much does n of the same kind cost (very simple ones) some on blood relation

    for this section be through with R.S agarwal apptitude not much of verbal&non verbal is requried some questions were on directions this topic is in verbal &non verbal in rs aggarwal

    the next section was on 'C' language u have all the concepts on ur fingures all the previous ppl said it will have more abt pointers but we had mo0re questions on arrays looks like each time they will give more questions on different topics so be good at all the topics the questions in this section were a bit tricky so don't be in a hurry think &answer don't be in haste if u think &u have full concept abt it u can smash the section questions based on loops &mainly programmes were given &the output was asked

    the last section was technical it had more questions on boolean algebra flip-flops electronic devices ,micro processors they were all basic questions &quite easy ones

    interview will be on thye subject which u say u r intersted in it was a cool one &for the hr plz know abt the company thats it guys bye all the very best. hope i provided u with a sufficent information



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