Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sharda University, Greater Noida-22 Jan 2011

Sasken  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sharda University, Greater Noida-22 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Aptitude test

    group discussion

    technical interview

    hr interview

    Online Written test was very  easy. No quant..only reasoning and general English. The interface of the online application was designed in such a way that u cant go back to any question (45 mins, 45 questions)

    Initially questions were on logical puzzles (short passage type) with each puzzle haing 3-4 questions .thay were little time taking but don?t leave any coz there is no negative marking and remember u cant go back.

    Some series based questions

    Some fill in blanks (grammar questions)

    Some paragraph completion questions

    Some data suffieciency questions

    Some error detection questions (grammar)

    No need for prior preparation just have confidence in urself and have sometime management.

    Finally after 4 days the result was selected and among 200, 52 cleared the written

    We were called for interview after 4 days in galgotia college, greater Noida

    Gd round was having groups of 12 ppl and there was not mass elimination they were just checking the communication skills on general topics.. GDs were quite smooth except in 2-3 groups where there was mass elimination

    Tech interview (although it was not at all technical)

    Interviewer:  hi, vanshaj, have a seat

    Then he told me his name and designation and location

    Interviewer:  tell me something abt yourself

    Me: blah blah

    Interviewer:  tell me about your project

    Me: final year project?

    Interviewer:  yeah

    Me: blah blah

    Quite convinced with project and commented it ? innovative?

    Interviewer(after going thru my resume):  I think ur done with languages u have written so shall I ask some analytical puzzle?

    Me: sure sir

    Interviewer: I am giving u 30 seconds to tell me approximately no. of seconds in a year and no. of  hours in 10 years and which is more.

    I tried to solve the problem and he was looking in his watch unfortunately I don?t tell him the answer however it was a very simple question however I have applied some approach. He asked me my approach then he told me his approach.

    Interviewer: ok tell me a rough estimate of how many barber shops are there in Delhi/NCR

    I was quite amazed with such a question.. completely blank.. asked him to give some raw data regarding dis but he told me nothing is given and imagine that u are a manager and u have estimate this.. it tried an approach and tell him step by step.

    Interviewer: I am not convinced at all

    I was thinking that I am gone now then I tried to relate it with the entire population and then he told me that let population of NCR is 1.5 crore,  and then I further tell him my approach witaking that figure of population and finally he said that this is want to hear from you.. I am very much convinced.

    Interviewer: I am done with you, any queries?

    Me: if I am selected then on what technology we be trained on?

    Interviewer: cant say now, depending on requirement.

    Me: ok

    Interviewer: any more queries.

    Me : no

    Interviewer: u wait outside somebody will call you


    Finally I was selected for the Hr round

    Hr was the same person who took our gd round..

    Hr: so u might be knowing me.

    Me: yes sir

    Hr: tell me abt your family?

    Me: blah blah

    Hr asked some more general questions


    Hr: if u got selected in Syntel will u be going for any other campus recruitment?

    Me: no sir

    Hr: u are lying..

    Me: no sir companies are not coming to our campus.

    Hr: ok, I think u will be soon with us at Syntel

    Me: thank u sir

    Finally after two days final results came and I was selected.


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