Sapient  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-21 Apr 2006

Sapient  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-21 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I went thru the interview on 21 Apr 2006 and got selected.
    There were two rounds.
    1. Written test which contain two questions -1 Hour
    2. HR & Tech Interview combined- 1 Hour

    There was two questions in written test.

    Round 1. Written
    Q1. A Postal department receives postal letters from different companies. A postal mail has some weight and distance. Rates for each slab according to weight and distance was mentioned.
    0-15 gm
    50+ gm
    0-50 KM
    50-500 KM
    500+ KM
    Create a PostalMail class. which shud have CalculateCost method. Also Postal Department has to generate Report for each company which contains count of letter for each slab and total cost of all mails which were sent by that company. If total amount exceeds Rs. 1000 then give 20% discount.
    This generateReport method whould take parameter as array/List of PostalMail class.

    Q2. There was some string given AAAZBBBDDDDFF which is compressed as 3AZ3B4D2F. write a method compress which takes uncompressed string and returns the compressed string. Also during the n/w transmission of compressed string some invalid chars get embedded such as 3A$B^5#F Write a method to remove these invalid chars.

    Both the questions were easy but do them with great care and read the questions carefully because only these question will decide wether u r thru or not. If u make any mistake during in written then they will ask u to correct in interview.

    Round 2: Interview
    The interviewer was a cool guy. He started with asking about myself. Then he asked me to explain scenario of the questions given in written exam and to correct the mistakes i did in paper. He asked me is your program capable of handling null and newline characters. He gave me some sample strings to compress, which i did easily. Asked me lot of questions about my project. Asked some basic HR questions. Such as Team Leading, Team Member skills. I already have an offer for other giant Indian IT comapany. He asked me why u want to leave such a big company. Then he asked me if u have any questions. I asked him about what type of projects do they take, what is team size here, how do they capture client requirements and how much time it takes. Why their written exam is different form other giant IT comapny exams. What skills they look out for in a candidate. Hope this will help u.

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