Sapient  Placement Paper   General - Other   LBSIM, New Delhi-14 Apr 2007

Sapient  Placement Paper   General - Other   LBSIM, New Delhi-14 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi all..

    I appeared for the placement exam of Sapient technologies, Gurgaon on 14th april 2007 . it was a joint campus placement conducted at Lal bahadur Shastri Instt of management. There were around 500 students from various colleges who appeared for the written test. 65 candidates cleared the written and were interviewed.


    The selection procedure included a written test followed by a technical+HR interview.  

    Written Test:

    In the written test we were given the following case-study of a mobile compay..we were to write a program in one hour.

    A mobile company prepares a bill of every subscriber on a monthly basis. The amount of the bill is calculated according to the following criteria:


      No. of calls less than equal to 200 ? Re1.20/min.

      No. of calls between 200 to 500- Re1.40/min

      No. of calls between 500 to 1000- Re1.65/min

      No. of calls above 1000- Rs. 2.00/min

    • RENTAL:
      A minimum rental of Rs 250 will be charged
      No. of calls less than 500- Rs. 300
      No. of calls less than 700- Rs. 350
      No. of calls less than 1000- Rs 400
      No. of calls above 1000- rs. 500
    • If the subscription is over one year, then the subscriber gets a discount of 2% on call charges and 5% of rental
    • A mobile connection is identified by the following attributes:
      • Mobile no.
      • Subscriber?s Name
      • No. of calls
      • Rental
      • Subscription date
    • Define a class/structure of the above problem and write a function CalculateBilling(Subscriber[]) in C/C++/Java. The function should calculate the total bill amount of all the subscribers. The fubction should also calculate the following:

      1.      total no. of subscribers whose bill amount between Rs. 2000 and 3000

      2.      total no. of subscribers whose bill amount between Rs. 5000 and 6000

      3.      the subscriber who has the highest bill amount for the month.

    The approach that you can take is to draw a flow chart first and then write the function in any of the languages or you can write the snippets of code along the flowchart.


    Remember that they check you for ur approach and logic and not for the accuracy of the syntax. They?ll select you even if your program is incomplete and you have taken the right approach (I?m saying this bcoz my approach helped me to clear the program was not complete)



    The Interview was both technical and HR. they started with my introduction followed by the review of the program that was given in the written test. They asked to state the problem, suggest an alternative approach, improvements that I can suggest in my program.

    Then they asked some technical questions based what I had studied in my semesters.

    Finally they asked some questions to assess my personality, leadership qualities and qualities as a team member. Remember that they?ll assess your communication skills throughout the interview. The interview ended with the same old traditional question ? ?Do u want to ask any question??


    It was a one-day selection process and around 28 students were finally selected. I was one amongst themJ.

    Swati Gupta

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