Sapient  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SCOE - Pune-10 Jul 2007

Sapient  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SCOE - Pune-10 Jul 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, Today we had Sapient for our joint campus. This placement was strictly for FRESHERS(BE-Comp/IT & MCA). We didn't knew the pattern of the paper before the test.... It was only mentioned, "there will be a technical test on C/C++/JAVA" 1hr.

    I am Directly coming to paper:- 
    It has only one problem - you can solve this problem in any programming language (C/C++/Java)

    Problem is:
    many conditions were given,
    1)calls upto 200 - Rs.1.20/- per call
    2)calls between 200-500 - Rs.1.60/- per call
    3)calls between 500-1000 - Rs.1.80/- per call
    4)calls more than 1000 -Rs.2.00/- per call
    5)calls upto 200 - Rs.250/- Rental
    6)calls between 200-500 - Rs.400/- rental
    7)............  rental.............
    9)For A year subscription for a Telephone 7%discount on rentals & 5% on call charges.

    The above conditions are for Cell phone & normal telephone subscribers....
    One simple structure of Subscriber was also, number, start date, noOfCalls etc........And also one function name given calcualeBilling(structSubsriber[ ])

    They asked to find out:
    1)subscribers between 1000&2000 bill amount(only total count)
    2)subsccribers between 2000&5000 bill amount(only total count)
    3)The highest bill amount for the month.
    thats it.

    You have to write a program not main() function, consider all inputs to main function........u can write in C/C++or JAVA, They just check for Logic & the correctness........

    I am waiting for results, if get shortlisted then i have to give one more Technical test & agian if shortlisted, then Technical & HR Interview........

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