SAIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   DURGAPUR-10 Feb 2008

SAIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   DURGAPUR-10 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    SAIL  PAPER ON 10th February  2008 AT DURGAPUR


    HI  every body !!!

    Recently I gave the paper of SAIL  from  ELECTRICAL Branch the paper which included 250 questions.of which  I attempted 160 questions


    Negative marking -1/4 th

    Total questions-250  Duration ? 2.5 Hrs


    Apti + English+ Gen awareness -150 questions.

     Technical was ok and the questions mainly came from  Psu  book  published by Galgotia Publications near about 50 questions came from it. They mainly concentrated on  Electrical Machines. Some questions based on power system came from C.L. WADHWA (ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM). However some of the questions which came in exam are as follows.

    (1) Which type of motor is used is used for self balanced machines

           (a)dc servo motors (b)dc shunt motors (c)ac servo motors (d)ac shunt motors.

    (2) Which type of motors has two types of constants in it

           (a)Reluctance motors (b)Pole shaded motors (c)dc shunt motors (d)ac shunt motors.

    (3) Which type of power plant requires maximum expenditure 

           (a)Hydel power plants (b)Nuclear power plants (c)Thermal power plants (d)Gas based power plants.

    (4) Base load of a power station stands for 

           (a)2-4 hours/day (b)4-8 hours/day(c)8-12 hours/day (d)12-24hours/day

    (5) Bode plot is used to  

          (a)analyze lead-lag points (b)know maximum stability (c)know relative stability(d)know absolute stability

    (6) A wire is placed on the top of a transmission line to 

          (a)surge high voltage (b)acts as neutral (c)acts as a  transmission wire (d)acts as ground wire.

    APTI+G.K was simple. For more R.S AGARWAL  However some of the questions which I remember are as follows :-

    (1) 1/0.05 equals  

         (a)5 (b)20 (c)50 (d)100

    (2) If the radius of a circle is increased by 100% how  will then the  area increase

         (a)100% (b)200% (c)300% (d)400%

    (3) If the length, height and breadth of a cuboid is increased by 100%,200%&300% then the volume of the cuboid will increase by          (a)3 times (b)6 times (c)12 times (d)24 times

    (4) A shopkeeper buys 30 pens .He sells 27 pen at the marked price of the 30 pens. Then what is his profit

         (a)31/3% (b)23/6% (c)10% (d)111/9%

    (5) After seeing the picture person says his mother is the wife of my father?s son.Then how is the person in the picture and the person
         is related? 

           (a)Nephew (b)Uncle (c)Grandfather (d)Grandson

    (6) A can do work in 30 days,B can do it in 40 days. A and B started the work  and then A leaved it after 14 days then how much
          time did it take for B to complete the work

           (a)5 days (b)6 days (c)3 days(d)2 days

    (7) When did the Burma was separated from India?

          (a)1937 (b)1905 (c)1912 (d)1926.

    5  questions on passage & questions based on it.

    4  questions on similar words.

    5  questions on fill in the blanks with correct words

    5   proper words.






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