SAIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   Rainbow SR SSEC School, Delhi-12 Dec 2010

SAIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   Rainbow SR SSEC School, Delhi-12 Dec 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,

    Today was my SAIL paper and i want to share my experience with you.

    There were 200 questions  total consisting of two parts:
    1) First 100 questions were of your respective field, mine was ECE, which you have to attempt within 1 hour and 15 mins.
    2) The next 100 questions were related to general knowledge, english, cubes dices, verbal.
    Now I would like to say that in ECE more emphasis was given on Resonant frequency questions, RLC circuits, instantaneous current, average power, some questions were on control system (nyquist plot), amplifier questions on (CE, beta, alpha), digital circuits, op amp, CMRR, slew rate, some questions on torque (which i couldn't understand ha ha).
    Guys there will be negative marking ok.
    So after 75 mins we were asked to open our next paper
    It had questions like

    * Bihu is which  state dance,
    * New rupee represntationis given by whom
    * Where is jim corbet park
    * Bhutan has what currency,
    * Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna award 2010 given to whom
    * 2 passage in English

    A cube is painted yellow on adjacent sides and blue on its opposite side and white on the rest of the faces and divided into 64 pieces the which parts will have atleast blue, atleast white

    * 3 compound interest  question
    * 3 simple interest question
    * 3 some question on sets like if total students are 99 667 attempted part A, 46 attempted  B, 56

    attempted C, 34 attempted both A and B, 17 attempted both B & C, 50 attempted C and A and 2    attempted  all the sets then find the persons who attempted only A not B and C, find the persons who attempted only B not A and C.
    In the end i would just say that the paper was easy and you should remember the formula in your tips to crack SAIL.

    All the best to all next time.

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