SAIL  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Kochin-12 Dec 2010

SAIL  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Kochin-12 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Question paper contained 2 section 1 hour 15 mins given for each section.  
    Technical 100  marks

    Quantitative Aptitude /Reasoning/G.K /General English

    As I am for Computer Science and Engineering all tech from comp scince

    All Technical questions were from object oriented programming, Dbms and Computer networks & OOps.
    Section I

    1. Language which support diamond inherritance
    a) C++  b) Java c) Both  a and  b  d) None
    Some basic sql functions like trunc some questions from Oracle in C.N

    All of them basic questions

    Diff b/w hub and switch?

    What happend to header of packet if routed from bottom to top layer etc.
    Section II
    Refer any Text book of Quantitative Aptitude
    Read Competition Success for G.K and English

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