Robert Bosch  Selection Procedure

Robert Bosch  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

     Robert Bosch Off-Campus Recruitment Pattern

    Bosch patter was rarely available in this group, so I thought of sending this mail. This patter below is for computer science (CS) students only.

    There was another set of paper for MECH branch students.

    Section 1:
    This section had only technical question. They were mainly from
    Pointers in C, C++, Data Structures and some questions on OS, DBMS.
    This section also had lots of question on bit conversions (HEX to
    Binary, decimal) and one question on finding 2's compliment and such
    others. There were few questions on finding TRUE/FALSE statement which
    was bit confusing. Question to calculate square root, cube root of a
    number were also included.

    Overall, this section was easy if you are good with your basics. The
    questions were mainly around the basic concepts only.

    Each question had four options (A, B, C, D) and we had to find the
    most appropriate answer. Each correct answer carries 2 marks and there
    is a negative marking of 1 for each wrong answer. So be careful while
    attempting these questions.

    Section 2:
    This had only general English questions. No book will help you to
    answer these questions; instead you should have good knowledge of
    grammar and different English works.

    There was a paragraph with some blanks in between. So we had to find
    the appropriate words to fill in, from the given options. Other
    question included comprehension, synonyms, proverbs type question and

    This section needs some intelligent guessing as you feel that all of
    the given options are correct and sometime all are wrong.

    Each correct answer carries 1 mark and there is a negative mark of 0.5.

    Hope the information given by me here was useful to you.   

    Interview Pattern - Robert-Bosch

    Here is the pattern
    Duration of Test: 80 min
    Number of questions: 75
    Number of sections: 2
    No of questions in section 1: 50 (Technical)
    No of questions in section 2: 25 (General English)
    * Answers to be marked on the OMR Sheet.

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