Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SDM,Dharwad-29 Jun 2008

Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SDM,Dharwad-29 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends?? I  Madhumitha from TCE, Gadag, Karnataka attended off campus for Robert bosch!!! In SDM.. Dharwad?.29/06/2008..
    I had another exam CDAC.. was confused which to quit./?so much I was  confused.. finally din prepare for any?wanted to quit both?.but den? was not in a mood but still I made ma mind last minute?.dat waz coz of ma friend?thanks sHiL?\\\lolzz
    10 a.m was the reporting time?It waz late?.v rushed in?.saw der?ah!!!.der waz nothing?opps?.nd later v gotta know test was yet to start:):)?.
    Den personell s from bosch came in?68% is mandatory dey said?.ECE nd CSE papers was separate?.v occupied our places??..

    We were asked to fill a form?nd den wer given answer sheets?OMR sheets?.2HB pencils wer to b used itcms?pencil?AH!!!!!!!none of us had I guess?so dey said pen would do?..hmm?k nd passport photo required too..

    Question papers wer distributed?.
    Test duration:60 minutes?..
    No.Of questions:60
    2 marks for right answer
    0.25 marks minus for each wrong answer??..

    I had referred some old papers which were in this site?.but none helped me? was totally NEW PATTERN>>>NEW PATTERN>??.

    U need to b prepared well with the basics? fro m ECE stream?so for ECE u need to b well prepared with BASIC ELECTRONICS, lil network analysis,lil Electronic circuits?MICROPROCESSORS, OPERATING SYSTEMS, CCN, APTITUDE AND ENGLISH??..I remember some questions?.am not putting dem in order?jus?first fifteen questions wer horrible?rest wer easy kinda?..PREPARE DES QUESTIONS  WELL?..SURE U R DONE WITH 32 QUESTIONS?.SURE?SURE ?so here I go

    1.A circuit was given?nd current was asked?.applying KCL I guess..

    2.A two port network was given..two ports wer arranged serially?so go through 2port networks..

    3.Nodal analysis is applicable to
    a. KVL & ohms law
    b. KVL, KCL &ohms law
    c. KVL and KCL.

    4.A question on Superposition theorem. simple one?I don remember much?it was somthn like dis?Superposition theorem can be applied to
    a. linear networks
    b. non linear networks

    5.series of resistors are connected across ideal voltages.. If pair of resistors are introduced wot happens to the voltage?
    a. halved
    b. doubled
    c. same

    6.Calculation of some OPAMP parameters?I guess calculation of CMRR?don remember?.

    7.Which of these Class of amplifiers are least efficient?
    a. class A
    b. class D
    c. class B
    d. class C

    8.In a RC coupled amplifier, coupling capacitor is used
    a. changes the frequency response
    b. frequency response is unaltered.
    d. to reduce DC component but no effect on freq response.

    9.Which of these is not  a 8-bit processor

    10.How many address lines would u require to access 4K memory?

    11.How many times the loop gets executed?
    Loop:mov b,#64
    Dec b
    Jnz loop
    a. infinite

    12.Multiprogramming and multithreading?.Which of these are better?
    a. multiprogramming
    b. multithreading
    c. depends on the system
    d. both are efficient

    13.Ethernet has a___________ topology
    a. star
    b. ring
    c. bus
    d. linear

    14.Which of these are used  for high speed and long distance?
    a. shielded cables
    b. unshielded or twisted cables.. don't remember
    c. optical fibres
    d. none of the above

    15.A Modem converts _______ to _________.
    a. analog to serial
    b. serial to parallel
    c. analog to parallel

    16.Which of the following is not a n/w
    a. MAN
    b. WAN
    c. LAN
    d. NAN

    17.Which of the following is not a type of memory?
    a. instuction register
    b. instuction stack
    c. instuction opcode
    d. translation buffer

    18.Arrange the TCP/IP OSI layers from bottom to top
    a. application, presentation, session, transport, network, datalink, physical
    b. network, physical, transport, application
    c. physical, datalink, network, transport, session, presentation, application
    d. transport, application,??..

    19.A question on daemon and background process.
    a. both are same
    b. daemon is superior dan background
    c. daemon created by user?
    d. background has a transmitting terminal?..i don remember this properly?

    20.When set of interrupts occur
    a. one is are ignored
    b. all are processed according to some scheduling scheme
    c. system is aborted/terminated
    d. none of the above

    21.Which of these schemes introduces a minimum delay?
    A, FIFO
    b. round robin
    c. priority

    22.A train problem.

    23. A man went 10mts east?and then 20mts north. What is the distance from the start?
    --right angled triangle?finding hypotnuese..

    24.A car travels at the rate of 50km/hr to reach a places.while comin back it takes 60/hr,what is the avg speed?

    25.A?s and B?s income ratios are 2:3.Expenditure ratio is 5:3.What is A?s income?

    26.A can finish work in 2 days.B can finish the same work in 6 dayz..Together how much time they take to finish the work???

    27.Another work problem?A and B together take ______days.A takes _____ much B takes alone to finish da work?

    28.2 questions on Heights and distance?a question something a pole standing vertical??.sorry don remember

    29. A381 is a given number.Which smallest number is ?A? such that the number is divisible by 11?

    30.When (9^6+1) is divided by some number(I don remember),wot is the remainder?

    Give the SYNONYMS
    31.TO MERIT

    I still don know wot it means :)?

    Give the ANTONYMS

    Fill in the blanks
    35.I don?t know _____ they make money of bill.
    a. why
    b. how
    c, which
    d. what

    36.The children ran in _________they disappeared.
    a. but
    b. and

    37.Skin: human
    a. hide: animal
    b. peel: potato

    a. actor: film
    b. captain: ship
    c. director: film

    PREPARE DES PERFECTLY?I'VE PUT EXACTLY WOT I READ IN QUESTION PAPER?DON?T NEGLECT DES?..u R GONNA GET 30 questions rite if u prepare des well?So guys al da best?I din prepare well?but did something?gotta c?results ll b given in another two dayz they said?results ll b out in net dey said?.!!!!

    Prepare well?do well?..AM SO HAPPY giving out dez questions?i remember DES many ah!!!!!wow man?and IF DEZ QUESTIONS HELPED U, DEN ILL BE WAITING FOR A THANK YOU MESSAGE?.


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