Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   BIT,Bangalore-24 May 2008

Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   BIT,Bangalore-24 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi....... this is K.N. Anil from Dr. AIT, Bangalore here i present the written test paper of ROBERT BOSCH conducted at BIT, Bangalore on may 2008. cutoff percentage for written was 70%, different branches have different papers... i belong to ECE.
    Friend prepare well all the topics which the is covered since the tech paper is having all the topics Which are related to Our engineering sudcts like BASIC ELECTRONICS , Network analysis,CONTROL SYSTEMS,basics of operating systems,DIGITAL ELECTRONICS, APTITUDE,& GEN ENGLISH,surprisingly there were no questions on C but on OS and computer networks.

    Questions ; 60 (objective)
    Duration : 1 h
    This paper is for EEE,ECE,EIE
    each question carries 1 mark, right answer gives u 1 mark while a wrong answer gives -0.25 marks.
    1) given common mode gain =0.02 and differential gain =40 find CMRR in dB....
    ans  CMRR=20 log(differntial gain/common mode gain) = 66dB

    2) which of the following amplifier has poorest efficiency.
    ans- A.

    3) superposition principle does not apply to :
    ans- nonlinear elements.

    4) one circuit as shown below?..   find V ?. The values of resistors and all I don?t remember properly?..

    5)  one network shown below?.. find the voltage V across 15 ohm resisto

    ans-   -105V hint?.. apply KCL and OHMs LAW( this was the only question that I solved at that time for the first time and I was elated?..why not I have done something on my own?..)

    6)  A network has linear resistors across which a voltage of V is applied if the resistors are doubled the voltage across each resistor gets??.
    Ans- no change??. Logic : if by changing resistors if u can change voltage drop across resistors u can create or destroy energy!

    7)   MVI B,64h
    Loop : NOP
    DCR B
    JNZ Loop
    The loop will get executed how may times?..
    Ans -   64 times

    8)      one question on OSI model   the layers of the model??

    9)      Ethernet uses _______ topology.
    Ans   -   BUS topology.

    10)  how many address lines are used to access 4K of memory spaces?
    ans- 12

    11)  which of the following is not an 8Bit processor??.
    Options- 8085,Z-80,8392 etc.

    12)  one question in which input voltage is given and the gain and was asked to calculate the output voltage in dB

    13)  4 questions on OPERATING SYSTEMS ( cant recollect)

    14)  which of the following logic family has got the lowest noise?
    Options   -   ECL,TTL,DTL etc?

    15)  how many nand gates are required to realize an XOR gate
    ans- 5

    16)  what is the function of   the modem?.
    Options   converts serial to parallel   , converts analog signal to digital signals, other options can?t recollect??

    17)  which of the following gates can be used to realize any Boolean Expression
    don?t remember the options?..

    18)  what is the 2?s complement of (-539) base 10
    options were in HEX??

    19)  which of the following is used for fastest transmission of Data  
    options -   twisted pair , coax cable, optic fiber(ans) etc?

    20)  which of the following is not a network
    options ? LAN, MAN, WAN, NAN ( ans)

    15 questions on basic maths involving simple trigonometry, work- time , average speed, etc.    RS aggarwal will do the job for this??

    21) one interesting question in this section is
    find the remainder of (8^9 + 1)/7
    ans ? 2

    22) 10 questions on English   that includes 2 antonyms, 2 synonyms, 2 analogies, $ one word grammatical questions.       

    Results of the written test were announced after a week?? I got written and was called for first technical interview in this round I was asked mainly on my project, C ( write code for string concatenation, strcpy etc( using pointers)? also I was asked to write a C code to set a particular bit? the bit number to be taken from the input ( use left shift operator)  and about 8051 and basics of control systems? and basics of AD DA converter , a question on Malloc() and Calloc() , one puzzle to test ur problem solving capability??. For me they had asked what is the angle between  hour and minute Hand when the time is 3:15 and also they asked me to  interchange two variables without using the third variable and it went for more than an hour?..finally they gave me 7 out of  10 which means that u can join the company but requires 1 month of training to pickup. Any ways I cleared the first round

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