Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-02 May 2010

Robert Bosch  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-02 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I faced three rounds of interview:

    1. Technical round(for 1.5 hours). It dealt with the following:
    a) A brief introduction about me.
    b) A program in 8086 and C to sort a given array in the ascending order was asked to be written.
    c) Types of analog modulation and digital modulation were asked.
    d) Working of a bjt was asked.
    e) A thorough explanation of the final year project was asked. This was the core part of the interview and it went on for an hour. They try to find whether, we are having the full knowledge about our project and trust me guys, please don't fluke. If you have not done it yourself, admit it with a positive smile.

    As my project consisted of analog modulation and core electronics and digital circuits, i was asked to explain the working of all circuits and their designs.

    As BOSCH is all about innovation, I was put 2 questions:

    1. Make a temperature sensor and the output of the sensor should be displayed on the 7-segment display.
    Answer: make a wheatstone bridge with one of itsa arms consisting of a thermistor(negative temperature coefficient resistor) and chech for the voltage difference between the two terminals of the bridge. The voltage can be calibtated to display a particular temperature on the display, using calibration look up table stored in a microcontroller. Therefor the voltage has to be first fed to the adc and then given to microcontroller and it can be mapped to a particular temperature.

    2. As BOSCH is purely into automotive electronics, I was asked to design a setup to measure the rpm (speed) of the tyre of a vehicle. This one i leave it to you for the answer. As a hint, I can tell you to use the priciple of working of tachometer.

    I was also asked questions on C like structures definition, datatypes and storage classes. It was all basic. But trust me people, it's all the strength of your basics, which will be tested.

    2) Group managers technical interview round:(for 30 minutes): It is to again confirm, that whatever you spoke in the first round is correct or not. So you must stick to whatever answers you gave in the first round. And be honest, if you don't know it.

    3) H.R round(thirty minutes): Well this is a round which demands a very good behavior , neatness in talking and a positive attitude towards life. I think you must be very decent, so just be positive you all will cross this round.

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