RINL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   vizag-28 Jun 2009

RINL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   vizag-28 Jun 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012


    RINL(M.T) 2009 paper???.(28th June)All Over India .

    My name is S.Kalyan?Today I have taken up the VSP exm in Electrical Stream??..

    There r two sections first one is English, Aptitude Proficiency test consisting of 70 questions, and the second section in Technical of 70 questions. There is no negative marking?..Every year there will be some changes in first section but technical paper weightage is same 70questions. Last year in 2008 I took the test.. that years test is very hard?which consists of Foreign words., Synonyms., antonyms., scrambled sentences., Reading comprehensions., idioms and phrases., number series., blood relations., D.I., etc?All are time consuming?. But this years paper is easy? the reason is, as all know some of the seats in VSP(M.T?s) are sold at 6 to 15laks per head?. Any one who knew some main pin Union Leader., and affordable to pay the money can clear all the rounds?.. there will be no proofs on wat I said above but the people who are working there already know this? Any ways Hard work always shows the right way? the paper I got is series C.. some questions are?..

    First APTITUDE Proficiency test..

    First question(Q1 to Q4) is on Bar graphs??which consists of 4 questions

    Second on Pie charts(Q5 to Q7)

    Third on Line graphs(Q8 to Q11)

    12) Find the missing number

          0.15, 0.30, 0.60, ? , 2.40(Easy Ans= 1.20. But in options a) 1.50 b) 2.50 c) 0.12 d) 3.50 are given. I kept c as my answer)

    13) Two diagonals of a rhombus are 16 and 12. What is the kength of the side?


    Q 14 to Q24 on general knowledge and current affairs?.

    Some questions which I remembered are?.

    # Nagris was born in the state of?

    # Human rights day is observed on?

    # Which state has no reservation for Sheduled Caste eat in lok sabha?

    a)      J & K b) Arunachal Pradesh c) Meghalaya d) None

    # Jastuise is a

    a)      a cyclone b) a religion c) some language d)?

    # African President belong to which religion?

    # Swine flu is best termed as?

    # Arvind Adiga received Booker Prize in ?

    # Some Movie received some prize itseems?I don?t know?.but options are Mighty heart, Dostana, and some other two?..

    Q25)Cost price of 156 books is equal to selling price of 60 books?what is the gain %?

    26) one question is on boats and streams

    27) Pipes and cisterns one question

    28) l=20, b=14, h=10 these are the dimensions of a cube. Wat is the max length of a stick that can be fitted in this cube

    Ans. Its easy. But I didn?t got this idea during exm. Find sqrt(Lsquare + squareb+ hSquare).

    29) One question on Allegations and mixtures

    30) Percentages problerm.

    31) 32) 33) Antonyms(3): Pseudo, and some other two

    34) 35) 36) Synonyms(3): Harbinger and some other two

    37) 38) 39)Correction of sentences three questions

    40 to 45) Fill in the blanks with conjunction and prepositions, 5 questions.

    46, 47, 48) Problem figures 3 questions.

    49, 50) Find odd one out ., two questions

    Like this some questions are there upto 80?.. I managed to do upto 60?

    Rest I kept flukes??.

    •  Technical( 70 Questions)

    Most of the questions are from Networks., Like Form Factor., Peak Factor of sine wave., Square wavw., Triangular wave., Hlaf sine wave., Full sine wave?.

    Very very low Basics of Networks?

    So in total out of 70., 20 questions are from very very low basics of this subject.

    Next is E.M.F subject?

    Don?t study all this E.M.F subject?.

    Just study basic units of all like permeability., resistivity.,?

    Reciprocal of permeability., permittivity.,

    The most shocking of all is there are no questions from Machines and Power Systems..Just for name sake they gave some 2 to 3 questions?.

    So., in a nut shell?. Technical paper is fully based on Networks., E.M.F., Materialscience?

    So., my advice is don?t depend on this paper modal for the steel plant exam?..Every year the pattern changes and the rate of sale per head(back door process) also changes?

    All the best for future aspirants?


      S.Kalyan Chakravarthy

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