Reliance(RIL)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sri Baghwan Mahaveer JAin College, Bangalore-6 Apr 2008

Reliance(RIL)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Sri Baghwan Mahaveer JAin College, Bangalore-6 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Friends,  I took RIL written test on 6th April 2008 at Sri Baghwan Mahaveer Jain College , Bangalore

    It comprised of 2 tests:
    1. Mental Ability Test MAT - 75 question in 30 mins
    2. Subject test related to one's engineering. In my case it was Electrical & Electronics - 50 questions in 30 mins

    MAT comprised of very simple question, english and simple maths. Does not need any preparation. All the questions were Multiple Choice Questions except a few in which we had to write the answer.

    All Mental Ability Test was given from previous papers only.

    Time is very important


    1)12 at angle of 30
    a)6+j6 b)0.5+j6 c)10.392+j6

    2)color of Silica gel

     a)pale yellow b)pale blue c)pale green


    3)what is logic gate called two switches in series

    a)AND b)NAND c)OR d)NOR Ans:AND


    4)Binary equivalent of 15 ans:1111


    5) laplace transform of impulse function. Ans:1


    6)SF6 gas is a ____________

    Ans: electronegative gas


    7)which relay is used to protect transformers when internal faults occurs

    a)Buchholtzb)differential c)over current relay d)distance relay

    ans:Buchholtz relay


    8)In aline when faults occurs which one operates first

    a) fuse b)under voltage relay c)Zero curreny Relay d)None


    9)Question on corona ie.,production of ozone gas, hissing noise,power loss


    10)In 3 phase induction motor  slip=4%, speed=750 rpm, 4 pole, find frequency?


    11)one question on Ferranti effect


    12)The most commonly used insulation in high voltage cables

    a)PVC b)oil filled cables c)gas pressure cables refer under ground cables


    13) Form factor=rms value/Avg value


    14)How to find Rth in thevinen?s theorem
    a) all voltage sources dead

    b)all current sources dead

    c)both voltage and current sources dead

    d)all independent sources dead


    15)which lamp consumes  more current

    a) Flouroscent b) Halogen c) Incandescent d) sodium


    16)X? is a new reactance, name plate details of induction motor 20KV and 100 MVA are given and also base units are given 25 KV, 500 MVA , old reactance is 0.25 find new reactance.

    a) 4/125 b)5/125 c)???..


    17)In a transmission line delta connection draws 45 amps  then what about star connection draws


    18)one question on chopper

    a)changes i/p voltage b)changes waveform of i/p voltage????????..


    19)which circuit breaker is used for high voltage & low currents

    a)air blast b)oil cb c)MOCB??..i don?t know the correct options


    20)which relay is used to protect generators and motors

    a)distance b)differential c)over current ??..


    21)simple problem on transformer like 200/400, 10 KVA, iron and copper losses are given we have to  find efficiency


    22)In a transformer working on 400 hz is made to work on 50 hz then it power will become ans:b

    a)1/4 reduced b)1/8 reduced c)1/3 reduced d)1/5 reduced


    23)In a circuit, shunt element is placed in order to

    a)increase voltage b)increase current????.


    24)which converts decimal to binary

    a) encoder b) decoder c) assembler


    25)one simple problem on EMF equation of a generator


    26) The footcandle ( lumen per square foot)


    27) The lux is one lumen/meter2


    28)some question on alternator when supply is not given and having constant ?????( I hav not remember the question)

    a)acts as synchronous motor

    b)run as synchronous motor in same direction

    c)run as synchronous motor in reverse direction


    29)In a transformer equivalent primary resistance as referred to secondary is  ans:k2R1 Refer in options s is also given a)s k2R1 b) k2R1 /s c) k2R1/s2


    30)some questions on circuit breakers like??..

    The voltage that appears across the contacts of the circuit breaker during the arcing period

    a) arc voltage b) Restriking voltage c) Recovery voltage ans: a


    31)The transient voltage that appears across the contacts at or near current zero during arcing period.

    a)arc voltage b) Restriking voltage c)Recovery voltage ans: b


    32)The voltage that appears across the contacts of the circuit breaker after final arc extinction.

    a)arc voltage b) Restriking voltage c)Recovery voltage ans:c


    33)Question on Electrical field strength ans is 30KV/cm


    All the Best!

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