Reliance Energy (REL)  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   IT-BHU,Varanasi-26 Dec 2007

Reliance Energy (REL)  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   IT-BHU,Varanasi-26 Dec 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,REL team had visited our college on26th dec ,coming to selection process ,it consists of 3 rounds.
    1. Written test
    2. GD(not an elimination round)
    3. Interview (technical)

    WRITTEN TEST (electrical)
    It consists of 30 objective questions, these r problematic as well as theory questions. i  remembered few questions.
    1.       In a series  RLC circuit Fo  is  resonace  frequency, if  LC r  doubled  wat  is  new  resonace frequency?
    2.       R=5 ohm, V= 5v, f=200 hz, and given conditions r   VL=VC= 2VR , find    L=?
    3.       Comparision between maxwlls and hey bridge.
    4.       VPQ=?
    5.       Find  R    in a balanced bridge network.?
    6.       Choose right  statement among following?.
                           ANS:  CT secondary should not open.
    7.       In a Transfer   at    no ?load      friction and windage losses   r   called   as   ???..(ans :   Iron losses)
    8.       Maximum   power  transfer through line ..V1= 110 kv, V2= 100kv, X=22 ohm,?.( ANS:    500 mw)
    9.       Shunt   reactor   effect  on Trans. Line
    10.   Series capacitor   effect  on Trans. Line
    11.   Velocity  in distilled water(e= 81)?magnetic field intensity find electrical field intensity(I did not remember)
    12.   Question on pointing vector
    13.   If a dc machine (p=6;z=some value ;r=some value having lap winding then re winded machine winding as a wave winding find armature resistence?
    14.   In a Dc series motor having 2 pice of field winding in series   if the field winding is re- wounded as two parallel paths then speed of motor(at constant  torque)
    15.   For above rated speed the type of speed controls method (in case of DC motor)?
    16.   Statements regarding transformer (1.constent flux.2..3..4..)
    17.   Question on regulation of alternator at  zero leading PF(ans :  -50)
    18.   Question on power transmission in T.line .    T.line having 2 generators at either ends A,B.
    To reduce the power angle ??.
    ANS: decrease power B and increase power A.
    19.regarding     relay   parameters,  settings.(problem)
    20.  in a synchronous motor if load is increasing then armature current is decreasing then initially machine is operating at what PF?( I AM NOT SURE ?..
    21.IN  slip ring induction motor if the supply is given to rotor and stator is SC?ted then the speed of motor W.R rotating magnetic field? what condition syn machine absorbs  reactive power ?
    23. Question on parallel operation of alternators load sharing?

    wish u all the best


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