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  • 6 Mar, 2012

    CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_budget(v_studio_id IN NUMBER)RETURN number ISv_yearly_budget NUMBER;BEGINSELECT yearly_budgetINTO v_yearly_budgetFROM studioWHERE id = v_studio_id;RETURN v_yearly_budget;END;Which set of statements will successfully invoke this function within SQL*Plus?1. VARIABLE g_yearly_budget NUMBEREXECUTE g_yearly_budget := GET_BUDGET(11);2. VARIABLE g_yearly_budget NUMBEREXECUTE :g_yearly_budget := GET_BUDGET(11);3. VARIABLE :g_yearly_budget NUMBEREXECUTE :g_yearly_budget := GET_BUDGET(11);4. VARIABLE g_yearly_budget NUMBER31. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE update_theater32. (v_name IN VARCHAR v_theater_id IN NUMBER) IS33. BEGIN34. UPDATE theater35. SET name = v_name36. WHERE id = v_theater_id;37. END update_theater;

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