Rapidigm  Selection Procedure

Rapidigm  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Well I cudnt make it into Rapidigm...but I faced all the stages.

    Rapidigm is a US company.Now taken over by Fujitsu,Japan.
    Rapidigm itself is spread over US and 4 places in INDIA.

    Now abt their package:
    They pay Rs.7000 per month upto 6 months(training period).
    Then they pay Rs. 1.66 lacs p.a. for the next 1 year.
    After that your pay will depend on your performance.
    6 months training period includes training in SAP Technologies.

    They will make you sign a bond for 1.5 years.

    Now about the selection process:

    There are 3 stages:
    1.Written Aptitude Test.

    This consists of 60 question to be solved in 90 mins(MCQs).
    4 sections are there
      ----Technical  := Anything related to computer can be asked(DBMS,C/C++,CSA,OS,etc).
      ----Quantitative  := Mathematical MCQs of MBA type.
      ----Verbal Reasoning  := Passages,etc of MBA type.
      ----Analytical  := Data Interpretation,etc of MBA type.
    All questions are quite easy.Just need 2 know abt the Technical Part!
    Here only 80 students were selected amongst 300.

    2.Group Discussion.

    There is a GD held amongst 10 students at a time.
    Topics like:
    1.Effects of Global Warming.
    2.Prostitution shud b legalised or not.
    3.Extra Marital Affairs.
    All very serious topics were mainly discussed.
                 1.Try not to involve in a fish market.
                 2.Just think of 3-4 points.
                 3.Try to make atleast 1 point which nobody thought of.
                 4.U dont require to start the GD.
                 5.Make use of the gaps where everybody becomes quite.

    After GD only 38 students were selected out of 80!
    In interview u hav to keep a very imp thing in mind.
    They basically want only consultants!!
    They will check your attitude,your confidence,
    your communication skills and all such capabilities
    which are required to be a consultant!!

    Technical skills are immaterial for them!
    Many of us were told in the face that "sorry boss
    we need consultants.u r a gud coder,but u dont fit in here!"
    So put stress on ur attitude only and not Technicalities.
    Project should be known 2 u..as they may ask questions
    from there.
    Finally 15 students were selected..nearly all of whom were
    very witty but not good technically!

    Thats all folks...try your best...I hope this info will help U!!

    Saurabh Banerjee

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