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WinRunner Questions And Answers

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Question Started By Created Date
How Do You Handle TSL Exceptions Irfan Khan 20 Jan, 2012
How To Check Property Of Specific Icon Is Highlighted Or Not Abhinav 20 Jan, 2012
BitMap Or GUI Checkpoints manmohan 20 Jan, 2012
How To To Get The Information From The Status Bar Without Doing Any Activity/click On The Hyperlink John Pullan 20 Jan, 2012
Text Field Validations Sravanthi 20 Jan, 2012
How To Break Infinite Loop Dave Rilley 20 Jan, 2012
User-defined Function That Would Write To The Print-log As Well As Write To A File Allen 20 Jan, 2012
How To Do Text Matching Selvan 20 Jan, 2012
The MSW_id Value Sometimes Changes, Rendering The GUI Map Useless Deepti 20 Jan, 2012
What Is Boundary Test Elizabeth 20 Jan, 2012
How Do You Find An Object In An GUI Map Dharani 20 Jan, 2012
How Do You Handle Pop-up Exceptions Vipin Kumar 20 Jan, 2012
What Different Actions Are Performed By Find And Show Button Chitanya 20 Jan, 2012
How Do You Handle Unexpected Events And Errors Sarah 20 Jan, 2012
What Are The Three Modes Of Running The Scripts Dileep Kumar 20 Jan, 2012
WITHOUT The GUI Map, Use The Phy Desc Directly Abhinav 20 Jan, 2012
How To Get The Resolution Settings Nirmal 20 Jan, 2012
How To Have Winrunner Insert Yesterdays Date Into A Field In The Application Davis 20 Jan, 2012
How Can Withwin Runner To Make Single Scripts Which Supports Multiple Languages Kishore 20 Jan, 2012
How To Force WR To Learn The Sub-items On A Menu Bhaskar 20 Jan, 2012

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