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When Constructing An XML DTD, How Do You Create An External Entity Reference In An Attribute Value Bangarappa 2 Mar, 2012
What Is DOM And How Does It Relate To XML Moore 27 Feb, 2012
Describe The Role That XSL Can Play When Dynamically Generating HTML Pages From A Relational Database Clark 14 Feb, 2012
Can You Walk Us Through The Steps Necessary To Parse XML Documents Nirmal 12 Feb, 2012
What Is SGML Dharani 10 Feb, 2012
What Is SOAP And How Does It Relate To XML Ruth 30 Jan, 2012
Describe The Differences Between XML And HTML Nikilesh 19 Jan, 2012
Using XSLT, How Would You Extract A Specific Attribute From An Element In An XML Document Hall 18 Jan, 2012
Does XML Replace HTML Tanuja 18 Jan, 2012
Which Parts Of An XML Document Are Case-sensitive manmohan 16 Jan, 2012
Give A Few Examples Of Types Of Applications That Can Benefit From Using XML Donna 15 Jan, 2012
Why Not Just Carry On Extending HTML Gowry 15 Jan, 2012
How Does XML Handle White-space In My Documents Collins 10 Jan, 2012
Why Should I Use XML Chinna 9 Jan, 2012
Do I Have To Know HTML Or SGML Before I Learn XML Nitin 9 Jan, 2012
What Does An XML Document Actually Look Like (inside) Mary 7 Jan, 2012
Who Is Responsible For XML Naveen Kumar 7 Jan, 2012
Give Some Examples Of XML DTDs Or Schemas That You Have Worked With Naresh 4 Jan, 2012
Aren't XML, SGML, And HTML All The Same Thing Akshay 31 Dec, 2011
What Is XML Kalpana 30 Dec, 2011

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