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Microsoft .net Questions And Answers

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What Is .NET Framework Abdul Raheem 29 Dec, 2011
What Is Common Type System (CTS) Mathews 29 Dec, 2011
Give A Brief Introduction On Side-by-side Execution. Can Two Applications, One Using Private Assembly And The Other Using The Shared Assembly Be Stated As Side-by-side Executables Davis 29 Dec, 2011
Which Method Do You Use To Enforce Garbage Collection In .NET Sriya 29 Dec, 2011
State The Differences Between The Dispose() And Finalize(). Scott 29 Dec, 2011
What Is Code Access Security (CAS) Nirmal 29 Dec, 2011
Differentiate Between Managed And Unmanaged Code Allen 29 Dec, 2011
What Are Tuples Davis 29 Dec, 2011
How Can You Turn-on And Turn-off CAS Trisha 29 Dec, 2011
What Is Garbage Collection? Explain The Difference Between Garbage Collections In .NET 4.0 And Earlier Versions. John Pratt 29 Dec, 2011
How Does CAS Works Miller 29 Dec, 2011
What Are The Main Components Of .NET Framework Meenakshi 29 Dec, 2011
What Is Difference Between NameSpace And Assembly Linda 29 Dec, 2011
Mention The Execution Process For Managed Code. Ganesh 29 Dec, 2011
Is There A Way To Suppress The Finalize Process Inside The Garbage Collector Forcibly In .NET Sriya 29 Dec, 2011
List The New Features Added In .NET Framework 4.0. Arun kumar 29 Dec, 2011
What Is An IL Jennifer 29 Dec, 2011
What Is Manifest Bharath 29 Dec, 2011
What Are Code Contracts Periya swami 29 Dec, 2011
Name The Classes That Are Introduced In The System.Numerics Namespace. Firoz 29 Dec, 2011

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