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Gynecoloty Questions And Answers

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35 Year Old Woman Is Thought To Have A Vesico-vaginal Fistula. What Are The Main Causes Of Vesico-vaginal Fistulas Elizabeth 20 Mar, 2012
Is It Possible To Have A Polyp In The Uterus Abhijeet 15 Mar, 2012
Can An Ovarian Cyst Be Normal Dave Rilley 8 Mar, 2012
What Are Fibroids Martin 15 Feb, 2012
What Should I Do If I Miss A Birth Control Pill Kartheek 15 Feb, 2012
Is There A Screening Test For Ovarian Cancer Sundar 14 Feb, 2012
What Are The Side-effects Of Magnesium Sulphate Therapy Patricia 13 Feb, 2012
Should I Continue To Have A Pelvic Exam Each Year If I Have Had A Hysterectomy Linda 1 Feb, 2012
34 Year Old Woman Is Found To Have A Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy At 12 Weeks Gestation In Her First Pregnancy. She Requests Information On The Antenatal Risks To Her And Her Fetuses And Their Management. How Would You Counsel Her Nirmal 1 Feb, 2012
Is Some Bleeding Normal When Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy Dharani 31 Jan, 2012
How Would You Assess And Treat A 52year Old Woman Who Complains Of Heavy Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding Nitin 25 Jan, 2012
If I Am No Longer Having My Monthly Period Because Of Menopause, When Should I Be Worried About New Onset Vaginal Bleeding Smith 16 Jan, 2012
How Is Called The Small Opening Of The Uterus That Sperm Would First Enter Tanuja 6 Jan, 2012
A 14year Old Woman Attends With Her Mother Because She Has Not Started Menstruating. Outline Your Initial Assessment Martin 3 Jan, 2012
A 35 Year Old Woman Has Been Listed For Hysteroscopy. What Are The Indications For Hysteroscopy In A Woman Of This Age Nelson 2 Jan, 2012
Is There An Ovarian Tumor With Hair And Teeth Sujatha 1 Jan, 2012
Is Irregular Bleeding Common When Starting A New Birth Control Pill Ashwin 27 Dec, 2011
In Scanning Report Of My Wife At Gender Column It Is Written As III, What Is The Meaning Ram Subramanyan 22 Dec, 2011
35 Year Second Gravida With Single Umbilical Artery And Ctev (club Foot) Sujatha 12 Dec, 2011

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