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What Is Your Minimum Salary Requirement For Retailing Job Chitanya 19 Mar, 2012
Are You Comfortable Offering Our Charge Account To Customers Penny 15 Mar, 2012
Why Did You Leave Your Last Retailing Job Sarah 14 Mar, 2012
Can You Tell Of A Time When You Were Faced With An Angry Customer And How You Dealt With It Bangarappa 13 Mar, 2012
What Experiences Have You Had In Dealing With Difficult Customers Ram Subramanyan 13 Mar, 2012
What Experience In Retail Have You Had To Qualify You For This Position Gopinath 10 Mar, 2012
Are You Familiar With (company Name) Randy 7 Mar, 2012
How Would Your Co-workers Describe You Roberts 7 Mar, 2012
How Do You Get More Retailers / Customers For Your Business What Are The Steps You Would Take Periya swami 4 Mar, 2012
What Interests You Most About Selling To Customers Sireesha 4 Mar, 2012
In What Ways Do You Think You Can Contribute To Our Organization Parker 1 Mar, 2012
Why Are You The Best Person For This Retails Job Sujatha 29 Feb, 2012
Have You Had Experience Of Locking Up A Shop And Dealing With Stock Ordering Kishore 25 Feb, 2012
Can You Tell Of A Time When You Provided Excellent Customer Service Parker 25 Feb, 2012
As A Supervisor Or An Employee In Wholesale Market, What Would You Do To Improve Your Services For Your Customers Ragunath 25 Feb, 2012
How Will You Make Customers Feel Welcome In Our Store Nirmal 25 Feb, 2012
What Would You Say Are Your Weaknesses In Retails Job Bhaskar 20 Feb, 2012
What Are You Ideas On Handling Store Management Arun kumar 16 Feb, 2012
Are You Comfortable Interacting With Customers Ram Subramanyan 10 Feb, 2012
Why Are You Interested In Employment At (company Name) Naresh 8 Feb, 2012

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