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Civil Services Questions And Answers

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Why Are You Also Considering The ____ Department As Your Second Choice Anto Paul 23 Mar, 2012
Some Questions Are Asked In Order To Determine Your Ability To Argue A Particular Case, Both For And Against In Some Cases. Here Are Some Questions Which Can Arise: Aishwarya 19 Mar, 2012
Which Government Minister Of Recent Years Do You Feel Best Achieved His/her Remit Mahesh 12 Mar, 2012
Where, In Government, Do You Hope To Be In Fifteen Years Time Nirmal 10 Mar, 2012
What Advantages Or Disadvantages Can You See Arising From A Job At The Heart Of Government Bhavya 5 Mar, 2012
Why Does Working In The Public Sector Attract You Collins 29 Feb, 2012
To Whom, In Your Opinion, Should Public Servants Be Directly Responsible Bangarappa 24 Feb, 2012
How Did You Find The Qualifying Test Any Particularly Tough Sections Naresh 18 Feb, 2012
Why Are You Interested In Your First Choice Department Mahesh 15 Feb, 2012
You Say In Your Notes (provided At The Selection Board) That You Firmly Believe In, For Example, The Concept Of Open Government. Tell Me More About This. Davis 14 Feb, 2012
Which Piece Of Bad Publicity Do You Feel The Government Could Have Avoided In Recent Years Ragunath 3 Feb, 2012
What Is Your Experience So Far Of The Public Sector Periya swami 1 Jan, 2012
Do You Foresee Any Circumstances Where There Might Be A Conflict Between Your Own Beliefs And Opinions And The Policies Or Practices Of The Department In Which You Will Work Margaret 25 Dec, 2011
Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Shilpa 25 Dec, 2011
Explain What You Will Bring To The Fast Stream Should You Be Successful Kalpana 11 Dec, 2011
What Would Your Present Employer Say About Your Suitability For The Civil Service Donna 11 Dec, 2011

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