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Are you searching for previous question papers of December 2012 year and National Centre For Disability Studies programme of IGNOU University? Then you landed in correct place. Here we have uploaded National Centre For Disability Studies programme Question papers of December 2012 Year. We have uploaded following question papers types: B.ed Special Education, B.ed Special Education (bedse) (pgpcsehi), B.ed Special Education (bedse)(pgpcsevi), Certificate Course In Care Giving Ccareg, Certificate Course In Prosthetic & Orthotic Technicians Cprort, Certificate In Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion Cerebral Palsy, D.ed. In Special Education (mental Retardation) Dsemr (mr Hvvi), Diploma Course In Hearing, Language And Speech Dhels, Diploma Course In Prosthetics & Orthotics Dpror, Diploma In Rehabilitation Therapy Dreth, Diploma In Special Education (hearing Impairment Dsehi, Diploma In Special Education (visual Impairment) Dsevi, Diploma In Teaching Young Hearing Impaired Dtyhi, Diploma In Vocational Rehabilitation (mental Retardation) Dvrmr, Ds Ehi Kannada, Ds Ehi Malayalam, Ds Ehi Tamil, Ds Ehi Telugu, Dsemr - Tamil, Dsemr - Telugu, Dsemr Kannada, Dsemr Malayalam, Dsevi Tamil, Dsevi Kannada, Dsevi Malayalam, Dsevi Telugu, Foundation Course On Education Of Children With Disabilities, Kannada Diploma In Special Education (mr Hi Vi), M.ed Special Education (medse), M.ed Special Education In Mental Retardation (medse), Malayalam Diploma In Special Education (mr Hi Vi), Post Graduate Diploma In Management Of Disability For Medical Practitioner, Post Graduate Diploma In Rehabilitation Psychology (pgdrepy), Tamil Diploma In Special Education (mr Hi Vi), Telugu Diploma In Special Education (mr Hi Vi).

National Centre For Disability Studies programme question papers provides an insight of current year question papers and also helps to prepare for exams. You can download National Centre For Disability Studies programme question papers in various downloadable formats and its absolutely free. You can download question papers using below table links.

national centre for disability studies question papers

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Paper Name Page Views Download Count Added Date
education in emerging indian society.pdf 61 17 13 Sep, 2014
educational planning and management, curriculum designing and research.pdf 46 46 13 Sep, 2014
educational psychology and disability children.pdf 55 14 13 Sep, 2014
foundation of education of the hearing impaired.pdf 65 14 13 Sep, 2014
hindi mein shikchchan.pdf 56 16 13 Sep, 2014
identification and assessment of persons with mental retardation.pdf 63 11 13 Sep, 2014
introduction to disabilities.pdf 58 18 13 Sep, 2014
introduction to the education of visually impaired children.pdf 61 13 13 Sep, 2014
teaching mathematics.pdf 28 18 13 Sep, 2014
teaching of english.pdf 48 53 13 Sep, 2014
teaching of science.pdf 45 21 13 Sep, 2014
teaching social studies.pdf 51 11 13 Sep, 2014
aural and oral rehabilitation of the hearing impaired.pdf 64 18 13 Sep, 2014
methodology of teaching language and other subjects to the hearing impaired.pdf 52 7 13 Sep, 2014
curriculum and teaching strategies.pdf 30 10 13 Sep, 2014
educational perspective on visual impairment.pdf 35 38 13 Sep, 2014
instructional methods.pdf 40 18 13 Sep, 2014
mental retardation its multidisciplinary aspects.pdf 38 14 13 Sep, 2014
basic compulsory module.pdf 24 15 13 Sep, 2014
care giver s training in chronic mental illness, dementia and other disabling conditions.pdf 29 14 13 Sep, 2014

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