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About University:
The Indira Gandhi National Open University also popularly known as IGNOU university is one of the famous open university located in Delhi. IGNOU University was established in the year 1985 and it is largest university in the world with more than 4 million students.  IGNOU University is offering various courses through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. IGNOU University is conducting various exams throughout the year. Following are the various programmes offering b IGNOU University:
Doctoral Degree
M.Phil Programme
Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
PG and Advance Diploma
PG and Advance Certificate
Non-Credit Programmes
Online Programmes

Are you searching for previous question papers of Ignou December 2012 year? Then you landed in correct place. Here we have uploaded December 2012 year question papers of Ignou and we have categorized based on Programme. We have uploaded following programme question papers: Centre For Corporate Education, Training & Consultancy, Centre For Extension Education, Centre For Paramedical Sciences, National Centre For Disability Studies, School Of Agriculture, School Of Computer And Information Sciences, School Of Continuing Education, School Of Education, School Of Engineering & Technology, School Of Extension And Development Studies, School Of Foreign Languages, School Of Gender Development Studies, School Of Health Science, School Of Humanities, School Of Interdisciplinary And Trans Disciplinary Studies, School Of Journalism And New Media Studies, School Of Law, School Of Management Studies, School Of Performing Arts And Visual Arts, School Of Sciences, School Of Social Sciences, School Of Social Work, School Of Tourism & Hospitality Service Sectoral Soms, School Of Translation Studies And Training, School Of Vocational Education And Training, Staff Training & Research In Distance Education.

Previous year question papers of December 2012 provides an insight of current year question papers and also helps to prepare for exams. You can download question papers using below table links.

december 2012 question papers

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Paper Name Page Views Download Count Added Date
dfs.pdf 58 14 13 Sep, 2014
fire emergency prevention, rules, regulation and by laws.pdf 66 17 13 Sep, 2014
hazard and risk assessment.pdf 57 10 13 Sep, 2014
introduction and anatomy of fire.pdf 62 13 13 Sep, 2014
medical first aid.pdf 56 7 13 Sep, 2014
practical fireman ship.pdf 59 11 13 Sep, 2014
radio active and explosive materials.pdf 50 8 13 Sep, 2014
safety procedures.pdf 49 7 13 Sep, 2014
crisis management 67 11 13 Sep, 2014
law enforcement 69 13 13 Sep, 2014
managerial skills 38 9 13 Sep, 2014
security personnel responsibilities 36 9 13 Sep, 2014
supervision and operation handling 55 10 13 Sep, 2014
train the trainers 52 4 13 Sep, 2014
actuarial risk management.pdf 49 12 13 Sep, 2014
finance and financial reporting.pdf 54 16 13 Sep, 2014
financial economics.pdf 56 9 13 Sep, 2014
general insurance, life and health contingencies.pdf 54 73 13 Sep, 2014
statistical method.pdf 37 9 13 Sep, 2014
stochastic modelling and survival models.pdf 51 8 13 Sep, 2014

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