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The Indira Gandhi National Open University also popularly known as IGNOU university is one of the famous open university located in Delhi. IGNOU University was established in the year 1985 and it is largest university in the world with more than 4 million students.  IGNOU University is offering various courses through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. IGNOU University is conducting various exams throughout the year. Following are the various programmes offering b IGNOU University:
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Are you searching for previous question papers of December 2010 year and School Of Health Science programme of IGNOU University? Then you landed in correct place. Here we have uploaded School Of Health Science programme Question papers of December 2010 Year. We have uploaded following question papers types: In Anaesthesia And Critical Care Technology, In Medical Imaging Technology, In Medical Laboratory Technology, In Medical Record Science, Bachelor Of Science Nursing, Bachelor Of Science Optometry And Ophthalmic Techniques, Certificate In Competency Enhancement For Anm Fhw, Certificate In Diabetes Care For Community Worker Tee, Certificate In Health Care Waste Management, Certificate In Maternal And Child Health Care, Certificate In Maternal And Health Care, Certificate In Newborn And Infant Care, Certificate Programme For Home Based Care Providers, Diploma In Nursing, Diploma In Nursing Administration, P.g. Diploma In District Health Management, Post Graduate Certificate In Endodontics, Post Graduate Diploma In Acupuncture, Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Cardiology, Post Graduate Diploma In Community Cardiology, Post Graduate Diploma In Geriatric Medicine, Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital And Health Management, Post Graduate Diploma In Maternal & Child Health, Post Graduate Diploma In Oral Implantology.

School Of Health Science programme question papers provides an insight of current year question papers and also helps to prepare for exams. You can download School Of Health Science programme question papers in various downloadable formats and its absolutely free. You can download question papers using below table links.

school of health science question papers

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Paper Name Page Views Download Count Added Date
bns-101 nursing foundation 74 17 13 Sep, 2014
bns-102 applied science (biochemistry biophysics, microbiology nutrition and dietetics 72 20 13 Sep, 2014
bns-103 maternal nursing 60 41 13 Sep, 2014
bns-104communicative english 67 19 13 Sep, 2014
bns-105 behavioural sciences 61 16 13 Sep, 2014
bns-106-medical surgical nursing 64 23 13 Sep, 2014
bns-107 paediatric nursing 70 21 13 Sep, 2014
bns-108 mental health nursing 40 17 13 Sep, 2014
bns-109 community health nursing 71 21 13 Sep, 2014
bns-110 nursing administration 67 21 13 Sep, 2014
bns-111 nursing education andn research 73 12 13 Sep, 2014
hs1t1 primary health nursing 65 12 13 Sep, 2014
hs1t2 applied science (chemistry, physics, microbiology, nutrition and dietetics) 57 11 13 Sep, 2014
hs1t4-english 56 12 13 Sep, 2014
hs2t1-medical surgical nursing 66 13 13 Sep, 2014
hs2t2-community health nursing 64 12 13 Sep, 2014
hs2t3 behavioural sciences 62 55 13 Sep, 2014
hs3t1 paediatric nursing 61 13 13 Sep, 2014
hs3t2-mental health nursing 57 14 13 Sep, 2014
hs3t3 nursing administration 58 11 13 Sep, 2014

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