Pramati  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   HYDERABAD-21 Jun 2006

Pramati  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   HYDERABAD-21 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello Friends,
    I' ve been selected at Pramati Technologies as 'Development Engineer' and have to report to duty on July 3rd, 2006. I would like to take this opportunity to 'Thank you all for those helpful mails, test papers and forwards from this group. So, without further ado, here's the process of selection I went through..

     PROCESS :  First there was a written test (Analytical+Logical 15+15questions for 30 mins, Technical (Java) 40 questions for 1 hr). Analytical/Logical test was in the pattern of GRE, cake-walk for those who have solved test papers from BIG BOOK of earlier GRE pattern with Analytical Test. Technical test was objective mostly from Core Java asking you the basics, output for given code, etc. A little brain teaser though. On selection later, I was told that it is not necessary for you to be damn correct on every issue but some important questions were supposed to be answered correctly.

    Interview : So, the very next day on 23rd June, 2006, I was called for Technical Interview. First round of the Technical interview was handled by a Prod Dev Team Head, for 1 whole hour. Initially it started with basic java and then went on level by level to  J2EE technologies one by one as I mentioned all the technologies in my resume, I was bombarded with questions. If he thought I was strong in a technology, he'd go to another one. But, once I was found weak in
    some tech, he'd be there and try to work me out and test me. Later, this was followed by another Tech Interview by the VP of the Prod Dev Team, this was cool, mostly to do with your attitude, willingness to learn, adapt, etc, was more like discussion rather than an Interview.

    HR Interview : It was cool. My family background, education, hobbies, etc
    were quizzed. It took very little time for him to make-up his mind, I was made on offer straight-off by the end of this level. I got the letter of appointment in the evening of 23rd June, 2006.

    My self-assessment was that I scored 9/10 in Analytical/Logical part of the written test, 6/10 in the Tech part, 6/10 in the Tech-I interview, 9/10 in the Tech-II interview and 8/10 in the HR Interview. Point to be noted is that the whole process seemed so quick that it looked as if they were in some desperation to get people in.
    In the tech interview, if you do not know something just say that you do not know or cannot recall, do not try to bluff your way-in, won't work with them at all. Confidence, adaptability and attitude play an important role, I must say at the end of it all.

    (Pattern Submitted By : Kalyan)


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