Polaris  Placement Paper      -02 Oct 2010

Polaris  Placement Paper      -02 Oct 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi All of you,

    I am happy to inform you all that with the grace of God I got selected at Polaris.
    I share some of the questions I faced in interview. As I am from Electrical they asked from, basic circuits like half adder, full adder, how it is functioning, boolean algebra, some basic laws, how to implement a circuit with the given function, why we are using karnau map, basic C program stuffs, rectifier operation, math puzzle.
    About my project work. Hey asked me in detail what are its applications, how it is working. Don't get shock why for a software c/y they ask all these. They are really good in the sense that they will see only how you are answering, and how you are confident.

    Always be strong in your core subject. T hey asked why you want to come to software c/y. "How to answer 64 tougest interview questions" book would help anyone how to present their ideas in interview.
    I was very frank and didn't tell false or fake things. Interviewers are really good and they checked only your IQ and how you can handle things.
    Eventhough I didn't have much knowledge in software, they selected me only for this reason. you can do it. Work well. Get into a good company like Polaris.

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