Polaris  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -24 Nov 2007

Polaris  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -24 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends! this is sowjanya. I have attended written test for polaris on Nov 25. that was actually for 2006,07 passouts(B-Tech & MCA) and after around 10 days i
    got call from cmpy that i have cleared d written test, i think on Dec 6 there was GD followed by interview. i could clr GD, after that there was personel interview
    (tech+HR). after 10 days they told that i have been selected.
    The selection procedure was:
    Written test
    In the written test the topics
    : in quantitative aptitude covered are percentages, simplifications, discounts, pipes, profit and loss, problems on trains, alligations.., etc..
    : in verbal are filling the sentence with appropriate word, some synonyms,etc
    : some qns related to c, and other basic computers qns.
    :1 data interpretation qn
    :1 analytical qn.
    Sorry, i dont remember the questions, but one thing i can say that be in good practice with RS agarwal. the data interpretation, analytical qns may not be from GRE. and no negitive marking.

    In GD the topic we were given is "Is education is necessary to get success". there are 10 for each batch, they selected min 2 out of them, in our batch 3. They selected those students who could put their views confidently, of course with the right content. just by repeating what said by other, not suggestable, try to put ur own opinion.
    Later there was an interview, actually we were not intimated exactly, that there could be an interview even. in interview, the panel was with 2, it was cool not much difficult, as i was selected, 

    Interview questions are mostly what u mentioned in ur resume.
    :abt urself
    :qns related to languages that u mentioned in ur resume.
    :abt cmy
    :why u want 2 join polaris
    :any qns that u want 2 ask
    plz try 2 know abt the cmpy b4 u go 2 an interview.

    I want to thank to those people who contributed papers in this site, as it helped me alot. one thing i want to say to al those job seekers, that dont loose the hope, just keep on hard working.
    I have been through initially some good companies like wipro, cts, satyam but i couldnt clr written test itself, after that i could clr written & gd, but not able 2 clr interview, in that way i lost oppurtunity again in couple of companies.but finally, i am placed in polaris.

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